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Online global marketers know that Facebook is the essential media platform to attract traffic to apps or websites. In this guide, we’ll recommend several practical Facebook adspy tools or ad finder chrome extensions and you’ll discover how to use them.

  1. Turbo Ad Finder
  2. Myad Finder
  3. Ad Library Helper
  4. Facebook Ad Library
  5. App Growing Global

What is Turbo Ad Finder extension?

Turbo Ad Finder is a free Chrome extension that helps you collect your competitors’ ads.

When people browse a competitor’s ad on Facebook, Facebook will intelligently recommend similar ads to visitors, and media buyers will be eager to collect the ads in their demand.

So, the tool of Turbo Ad Finder will do what they need. It filters regular posts on Facebook and shows the Facebook ads solely. It’s quite simple to operate or utilize.

Firstly, people need to access the Chrome web store and search for that tool. Inserting the tool into Chrome and getting Facebook to apply for the Chrome extension. Users can explicitly view the Facebook ads in the banner. While closing it, the latest feeds are displayed formally.

Drawbacks or Weaknesses of Turbo Ad Finder

The function does apply whether your competitors have ads in the feed prior to clicking the Show Ads Solely button. In that case, you need to spend plenty of time scrolling Facebook consecutively.

For most advertisers, the prime priority is to formulate advertising strategies, manage accounts, analyze data, and promote product operation iterations rather than spending time on scrolling pages to track the competitor ads. You might as well try to cooperate with other more efficient advertising intelligence platforms to save time or transform from the executors to strategists.

2.Myad Finder

What is Myad Finder extension?

Myad Finder refers to a Chrome extension tool for filtering ads, and it’s quite simple to utilize.

Users need to install the chrome extension. While accessing the Facebook website and clicking the Show Ads Solely button, the machine will start collecting the ads. Clicking the Auto-Scroll button, the application will continue to gather the ads. When users click the Stop button, the restored new feeds will display formally.

Limits of Myad Finder

Myad Finder works in the similar model as the Turbo Ad Finder does. They both have limits. Users must refresh Facebook multiple times to view the advertisement. Indeed, the tool involves the function of Auto-Scroll & Gather Ads, it’s a bit better than the tool of Turbo Ad Finder.

Moreover, the platform will display those ads based on the users’ activity while accessing Facebook and other private information accompanied by clients in their accounts. That information may refer to the age, gender, location, or the devices customers prefer to utilize while accessing Facebook. Demonstrating a few ads represent that even if the people scroll the Facebook page constantly throughout the day, they won’t see the entire ads as expected. People need to use other ad analysis tools, which are not restricted by the Facebook ad principles, to accumulate more prime creatives.

3.Ad Library Helper

What is an Ad Library Helper extension?

The Ad Library Helper is an easy installation Chrome extension tool. As simple as the tools above, the distinction is that users can input the keywords to search for the creatives they desire. Accompanied by the demand, users could click the favorite button without refreshing the page anymore.

What are the limits of Ad Library Helper?

● The search engine function is rudimentary and incomplete, and there are only a few regions, adpositions or delivery times to filter.

● Providing services among ten countries solely. Unfortunately, France, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia were out of service.

● Only Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger are available to apply the extended function. Users cannot search for advertisements from other media. It would support if they combined other tools for the cross-channel analysis.

● The longest available period is 90 days. The advertisements for the same season prior year cannot be reviewed.

● No way to sort by popularity. There would be repetitive or inefficient operations via the tool. Executors need to look for a number of advertisements with no likes or no interaction and find the best material from numerous ads.

● Minor features than the formal Facebook creative library.

If the persons want various search filters and more extensive media ad data, they need to apply the function, which combined with other tools, to use.

What is Facebook Ad Library?

The ability of the Facebook’s ad library is to preview the competitor’s ad data or statistics freely.

While accessing the Facebook Ads Library, guests can see three search filters, which refer to the Country, Ad Category, and Keywords.

Guests can click the Country button on any country to reference the advertisements in that country. The category of advertisements can be selected as All Advertisements, and then users could search by keywords or advertisers. The keywords can be the input product features, categories, services, etc.

For instance, if users attempt to search a well-known game advertiser PUBG MOBILE, the tool will illustrate the ad copywriters, ad images, and videos advertised by the PUBG MOBILE. The default is to sort by date, and the newest ad will be on the top.

Each ad will have these indicators: Active Status, Ad Start Time, Ad Platforms, the number of ads using this creative or text. Appropriate ads run for a long time. Next, users need to find those ads.

People can scroll the page to find them or click the filter indicators as language, advertisers, platforms, media type, active status, or date to rapidly find the creatives they desire. The benefit of the Facebook ad library is the formal searchable database. The involved data is accurate and allows users to input the keywords to search for the attempted ads.

What are the drawbacks of the Facebook ads library?

If people hope to search for competitors for a collection of ads, they must spend time preparing a list of competitors in advance and searching these ads by inputting the words in step. Usually, there are many competitors, and people need to search for them multiple times. Also, this tool is only available for competitors who run Facebook ads. If their competitors don’t run Facebook ads, the tool won’t work. Users may select a tool that covers various media types and supports the filtering of ads through the category tag.

What kind of tools could solve all the above questions of ad finder chrome extenstion?

Adspy or bigspy , which we featured before, is a great tool to choose from. Besides, App Growing Global is highly recommended here.

Recommend ad finder alternative — App Growing Global

What is App Growing Global?

As a professional global mobile advertising intelligence analysis platform, AppGrowing provides companies with global advertising intelligence and assists advertisers gain deep insight into the latest advertising tendencies and optimizing the promotion strategy analysis through creative search, popular applications, social media, and other functions.

Why choose App Growing Global?

Ad Creatives Intelligence

● Advertising information covering 20+ media and social network alliances around the world

● Real-time monitoring of App advertising data

● 5 minutes synchronous update of advertising information such as material, copywriting and landing page

Advertising Intelligence Analysis

● Intelligent estimates of ad activity, impressions, clicks, and conversions

● In-depth analysis of the advertising trends of apps, and master the intelligence of competing products

● Analyze the multi-dimensional promotion intelligence of brands, stores, and products to gain insight into brand marketing strategies

● Comprehensive analysis of traffic platform to understand industry placement trends

Firstly, App Growing Global tracks billions of advertising intelligence data worldwide. Tracking excessive 350 million creatives, updating two million-plus creatives per day, monitoring more than 165,000 apps, and covering 24 countries worldwide. More countries are continuously updated via the system.

Covering Regions


Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Turkey

Southeast Asia

Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam


Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, United States

Middle East

Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE


France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom


Australia New Zealand


Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa

Serving not only for Facebook ads, but also inspecting competitors’ marketing campaigns across 21 digital media around the world.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok (Beta), Messenger

Network Alliance: Facebook (FAN), Admob, Unity Ads, Mintegral (Beta), Vungle, Applovin, Adcolony, iron source Chart boost

Local Media: Line Japan, yahoo Japan, Smart News Japan, Top Buzz Japan

Various and detailed filtering options. Filter options such as country, media, category, ad type, call to action, language, ad format, active time, video duration, and active days are all supported.

Integrate creatives and resolve duplicated creatives in different ads. Detailed advertising positioning and interaction indicators, understand competitors’ advertising positioning and delivery effects briefly, and at the same time provide detailed video advertising indicators for video marketing. It allows downloading creatives and previewing the landing pages. Permanently, gathering best ad ideas to the local devices, which are convenient for learning and referencing for improvement of the conversion rate of landing pages.

Concise and detailed charts for the day. Keeping abreast of advertising dynamics.

Sorted by ads, the prevailing work is clear during glance, and it is simple to duplicate the copywriting with one click solely.

Visualizing the app promotion rank panel, grasping the change in mobile app rankings, numbers, or versions, exporting to excel, and saving them locally for detailed analysis.

Starting the ad campaign with App Growing Global. The well-known advertising master David MacKenzie Ogilvy said: “The distinction between one advertisement and another is measured by the scale of the sales power, which could be the ratio of 19:1.”

Recommending the App Growing Global sincerely. It’s more comprehensive for tracking preferred creatives and real-time websites than other software. It provides the application insights to assist advertisers to grow more efficiently. Therefore, media buyers can click here to register for the free trial.

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