Advertising Analysis of Overseas Mobile Games in March & Ad Creatives Analysis Of “Warpath”

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The total purchases of mobile games in March continued the downward trend as in February, and the total amount of advertising dropped by nearly 20%. Compared with February, the proportion of advertising categories and regions has not changed much. RPG, strategy, casual and puzzle games accounted for more than half of the volume. Under this trend, mobile game publishers adjusted their strategies accordingly. Some of the publishers tended to plan conservatively, while some publishers had an aggressive move and successfully rushed into the Top 20 Mobile Games and Top 20 Mobile Games with Rising Advertisement ranking list in March. Basing on 19 global mobile advertising platforms, and covering 27 countries/regions, App Growing Global has analyzed the mobile advertising intelligence of March 2021.

1: Overall Mobile Games Advertising Trends

Overall, the rankings of advertising in categories in March had slightly differences from last month. RPG and strategy games remained leading position with bigger volume of advertising under reduced amount of total ad. It indicates that Publishers gradually improved promotion on RPG. And strategy games have become leading categories. The amount of action games that are in the middle of the purchase volume ranking list has increased significantly, while the rest has declined with chess category dropped the most (2%).

In terms of advertising regions, advertising volume of Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan of China, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia went up, compared to February. In addition, regions such as Britain, Germany, Australia, and France continued the downtrend with a lower advertising volume. Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain, where had a temporary uptrend in February, but dropped to under 2%.

From the perspective of advertising format, in-feed advertising declined with the proportion dropped to 39.24%. At the same time, the number of rewarded video ads, interstitial ads, banner ads and native ads has relatively increased, and their proportions have risen to 21.39 %, 14.05%, 12.54%, and 12.42% respectively. The proportions of creative types have not changed much, and video materials are still the mainstream.

2: Top-advertising Mobile Games & Publishers

Among Top 20 Mobile Games in March, strategy and casual games still counted the most of the list, followed by role-playing games. Meanwhile, most of the mobile game publishers on the list are from China. Besides, top 10 mobile games had some changes in March. “Dream Piano” raised from the 2nd to 1st. “三國志・戰略版”, “Idle Arks: Build at Sea”, “ Traffic Puzzle “ enhanced advertising in March, and successfully returned to the upper positions.

Seven of the Top 20 Mobile Games with Rising Advertisement are strategy mobile games, which shows a signal of advertising volume tilting. It can be found that some publishers have reduced their advertising volume for stability, but there are still some game publishers who choose to increase their advertising during the depression of the market to achieve rapid overtaking. E.g., “Genshin Impact”, the adventure mobile game published by miHoYo, doubled its advertising in March and managed to return to the list of Top 20 Mobile Games with Rising Advertisement, and Top 20 Mobile Games.

Besides, mobile games that should be paid attention to are: the SLG strategy games “三國志・戰略版” published by Sialia Games, casual games “ Coloring Book “, “ Cooking Madness “ from ZenLife, as well as “COIN MASTER” from Israeli manufacturers Moon Active.

In the Top 20 Mobile Games Publishers, there are three new Chinese companies, leading the total number of Chinese companies to 12. Puzzle Saga Studio, Camel Games, Eyugame, Betta Games, 37GAMES, ZenLife Games, Yotta Game and Origin Mood Limited are all familiar publishers that have been on the list many times.

The new entrants include: publisher of “ State of Survival: Zombie War “ KingsGroup, Lilith Games that has launched “Warpath” and “Rise of Kingdoms “, Sialia Games as mentioned before, publisher of “Idle Arks” BHome, and the topical Mooton.

3. Ad Creatives Summary of Top-advertising Mobile Games

3.1 “金將傳說M”

Published on February 26th, “金將傳說 M” is a flagship RPG mobile game basing on Three Kingdoms theme. In the game, players can control famous fighters, and participate in combat. According to the data monitored by App Growing Global, it has continued to purchase advertising volume since its release. The major advertising regions are Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions of China, and it also covers Southeast Asian markets such as Malaysia and Singapore. The advertisements mainly show the theme of Three Kingdoms, role modeling and in-game pictures.

Creative 1: Combining the Three Kingdoms I P to show the vivid and lovely character shapes in the game to attract users.

Ad copy: This is the Fab Five will be the combat power value has reached zero field … fast ride could not God will convene the rapid appointment to win! Source: App Growing Global

Creative 2: showing the grand scenes and shocking scenes of the game, with questioning copy that users can interact with.

Ad copy: The military parade officially begins! Which unit do you think is the tidiest? A. Bailu soldiers B. Qingzhou soldiers C. Danyang soldiers D. Yulin Archers E. Tiger Guards F. Tiger and Leopard Cavalry G. Xiliang Iron Cavalry H. Beast Cavalry I. Catapult J. Watchtower K. Leading Car Source: App Growing Global

3.2 “Warpath”

“Warpath” is a strategy SLG mobile game released by Lilith Games. It boarded the US list of the free iOS games Top 3 as soon as it began the beta test. The promotion of “Warpath” is dominated by video ads. With high-quality promos and movie-like videos, it has quickly become a hot topic of discussion and has achieved great repercussions in the European and American markets.

Creative 1: Live-action actor performance video with movie-like editing, and then interspersed with game screens to stimulate the interest of war-themed game players.

Ad copy: Try to not get Addicted! Tired of the same Boring Games? Try the most Anticipated Mobile Game of 2021!! Source: App Growing Global

Creative 2: The fierce battle scenes plus rhythmic video clips mobilize users’ emotions, cooperating with the copywriting, calling users commanders, and attract users to download.

Ad copy: Commander, we need you Commander, we need you Source: App Growing Global

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