Analysis of “Junior Three Kingdoms” Advertising in Q2 2020

4 min readJun 18, 2020


App Growing Global analyzes “少年三国志(translated: Junior Three Kingdoms)” Advertising (mainly in Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) in Q2 (April 1-June 7), hoping to provide users with reference.

01. With Familiar History and Culture, JP and KR Need A Strong Long-term Operation Capacity and Deep Localization

The markets of Japan and Korea have a high degree of acceptance of the history and culture of Three Kingdoms, which is a treasure trove that Chinese developers hope to enter.

According to the Korean Game List in Q2, Korean local publisher Kingkong Soft《삼국연의M》, published at the end of May, ranked at №1 in the SLG classified download list in whole June, while it hovered the best-selling list around the top 40.

In Japan, 《三国志ブラスト-少年ヒーローズ》 ranked at №17 in Japan Google Play best-selling list and №6 in App Store. It has been in the top 20 of SLG best-selling list since its launch in March 2020.

Its game operation bases on localization and ACG character and style. Game dubbing and language habits are more to match with the Japanese market. It also works with Japan’s top partners to achieve faster localization, receiving better overall promotion effect.

In advertisement, 《三国志ブラスト-少年ヒーローズ》released more than 1000 sets materials, including local media like: Line Japan and TopBuzz Japan.

Taking Android version as an example, advertising explosion was concentrated in late April and mid-May. Topbuzz Japan’s ad ratings are higher than Facebook’s Audience Network, with 49% of ads being native and 53% of the material being video feed. Unfortunately, ByteDance will gradually shut down TopBuzz.

02. Advertising of “Ultimate Three Kingdoms” in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

According to App Growing Global, the number of Ultimate Three Kingdoms(終極之三國) advertisement is about 700 since April 1st, of which iOS platform has more ads.

Ultimate Three Kingdoms(終極之三國), endorsed by Wu Kequn, mainly focus Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan whose ranking in Google Play Store best-selling list is №4, №3 and №18 respectively. Moreover, their ranking in App Store best-selling games is also with 20.

03. Advertising of “New Three Kingdoms-Revival of Han Dynasty”in SEA

New Three Kingdoms-Revival of Han Dynasty(新三國 漢室復興) ranks within 50 in Southeast Asia’s best-selling list of Google Play Store and App Store. Malaysia is the most successful, with Android and iOS in the top 10.

The number of New Three Kingdoms-Revival of Han Dynasty(新三國 漢室復興) advertisement,similar to Ultimate Three Kingdoms(終極之三國) is about 700 since April 1 and there is also more ads in iOS platform.

In general, the history and culture of “Three Kingdoms” in Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia is relatively high degree of acceptance, but we also see that not many Chinese developers get good results. How do developers stand out from the homogeneous “Three Kingdoms” themes? Developers prefer Southeast Asia because of its similar culture and relatively modest product requirements and quality. While higher product requirements and quality, local operation and smart advertising materials are indispensable in the markets of Japan and Koera. Hoping that more and more developers can sail out to global market in the future.

The above analysis of Analysis of“Junior Three Kingdoms” Advertising in Q2 2020 processed by App Growing Global is for reference only.

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