Analysis of Overseas Mobile Games Advertising in October 2020: Multiple New RPG Games Were Launched, Casual Games Publishers Dominant Top-advertising List

5 min readNov 6, 2020

What were the trends of mobile advertising overseas in October? Based on global advertising data from October 01 to October 31, 2020, App Growing Global published “Analysis of Mobile Games Advertising in October 2020”, covering 21 countries/regions and 18 global mobile advertising platforms including Facebook, Admob, YouTube, Unity, Line Japan, and Twitter.

1. Overall Mobile Games Advertising Trends

Compare to September, casual games still accounted for 30% of the market with a stable month-on-month trend, while RPG mobile games dropped 1.8% in October. And the main declines in RPG mobile games include Japanese publisher ZigZaGame Inc’s “NEO MONSTERS” and Taiwanese publisher Origin Mood Limited’s “XIA XING TIAN XIA”. In terms of SLG strategy games, there were relatively fewer new games in October. What’s more, those old faces also down 1.8% from the previous month due to their weak advertising. The detailed analysis is revealed below.

In October, North America, Taiwan China, and key European countries such as UK, Australia, Germany, and France were still the regions with the largest volume of advertisement, in which America took up 10% of the global market, followed by Hong Kong SAR, Japan, and South Korea.

In regards to the advertising format, the advertisement volume of banner ads in October decreased by 3% compared with September, corresponding to the reduction of website ad creatives; However, the In-Feed ads rose from 32% to 36%, which mainly thanks to the increment of image creatives whose proportion increased to 21.1%.

2. Top-advertising Mobile Games & Monthly Publishers List

Among the Top 20 of October, half of which were casual games. The list was still aggressively occupied by the music game “DREAM PIANO” from Chinese Publisher, coloring game, “TAP COLOR”, and puzzle game “BALL SORT PUZZLE”. Beijing ZenLife Games Pte. Ltd., the giant publisher in casual game localization is currently pushing three of its games’ advertising campaigns strongly, including words puzzle game “WORD CONNECT”, match-three furnishing game “MY HOME-DESIGN DREAMS”, and stimulation game “COOKING MADNESS”.

In the rising list, a wide range of new RPG games made it to the Top 20. In detail, “THIÊN LONG QUYẾT” mainly advertised in Vietnam, while “TIAN YI PO XIAO” mainly focused on Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan China. The new RPG games aiming at Japan and South Korea are “리버티레기온” from Eyougame Inc. and “SAN GUO WU SHEN YUN” from Rastar Games. The promotion did not make them to the Top performance list, and their store rankings are still mediocre, the follow-up performance still needs to be observed.

When it comes to the Top 10 Publishers, besides boarding games publishers advertised their products strongly, casual games publishers took up all other positions. App Growing Global platform detected 106, 83, and 55 casual games from Voodoo, Lion Studios, and BitMango.

3. Hot Mobile Game Creatives Summarization

3–1. Hyper-casual match-three game “BRICKS VS BALLS”

This is a mobile phone brick-breaking game, which combines brick breaker and bubble shooter. Players just need to aim, shoot, bounce, and destroy bricks, which is extremely stress-relieving.

Creative 1: It arouses players’ curiosity and induces conformity easily by exaggeratedly showing how the player is addicted to the game and demonstrating the game method.

Source: App Growing Global Intelligence

Creative 2: This creative did not just show how to play the game to bring a stronger sense of social interaction and excitement. It even shows that players can compete for their scores with friends in the game.

Source: App Growing Global Intelligence

Creative 3: The creative used exaggerated expression technique to emphasize that the game is user-friendly but also difficult to pass in the first 3 seconds, which pisses people off, but at the same time makes people can’t help playing the game.

Source: App Growing Global Intelligence

Hot advertising copies:

1. You can be revived infinitely in the game 🏆👑 and get more balls to break all bricks.

2. shoot the flash brick and see what’s gonna happen👻👻

3. When Bricks-breaking and Gluttonous Snake are combined, try which level you can reach!😜

3–2 Action & adventure game “BANGBANG RABBIT!”

“BANGBANG RABBIT!” is a fighting game, with the goal to defeat all evil bosses!

Creative 1: By recording the fascinating fighting highlights and special effects of the heroes, this creative can most directly reflect the gameplay.

Source: App Growing Global Intelligence

Creative 2: Displaying props/roles upgrades.

Source: App Growing Global Intelligence

Creative 3: As shown in the image below, the creative try to identify mobile phone users of a certain brand by making specific mobile material on the cover before entering the usual game scene.

Source: App Growing Global Intelligence

Hot advertising copies:

1. ✅Easy to play! 🐰 ✅Cool fighting with infinite combo skills!🐰🐰 ✅ Explore the mysterious world!🐰🐰🐰

2. 😍#Strikes💥 #Weapons✊ #Upgrade ✅It’s fun to play for a while but always fun to play all the time!=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ😬😬

3. If you have Motorola Moto Z2 Force, Don’t miss this game!🔥🔥🔥




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