Casino Games- Global Outlook and Analysis 2020

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The revenue of offline casinos in Macao fall by more than 90% year-on-year in June 2020. Has the impact of COVID-19 contributed to the development of online casinos around the world? Let’s take a look at casino apps in various regions.

In the top casino countries, the United States is the world’s highest casino revenue country, with China (including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) in second place and Japan in third place.

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  1. North America

North America is the largest casino market: mature and competitive. The United States does not prohibit online casinos explicitly, but it prohibits real money trading strictly.

Only four of the top 20 apps are released after 2018, and the rest have been released for more than three years. Top 3 apps were released before 2012 and have long been at the top of the list.

Top 3 Casino Apps in North America

Bole Games’ 《Cash Frenzy’s ™ — Slots Casino》, which ran for two years, managed to reach the top 2 in Canada’s Top List. Its main media channel is Facebook, with in-feed and video. The material features a high-yield welfare package.

《Cash Frenzy™ — Slots Casino》

Top lists in North America is very stable, so new products are hard to break into the market. The legalization of the casino, public’s preferences, and payment ability determine the market’s business strategy and high-quality requirements.

2.Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

Casino mobile games in Macao and Taiwan are more diversified, such as poker, mahjong, and making money online. Legitimate casinos are very important to Macao’s economy and offline casinos are blossoming everywhere. Mark Six and Horse Racing are more popular in Hong Kong. Local casino publishers in Taiwan has a large monopoly on its online casino market, and Mahjong is particularly popular.

《DAFU™ Casino — Vegas Slot》, another product of Bole Games and also released in 2018 ranks №2 in Macao Top List.

Top 3 Casino Apps in Macao, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

《Star City Online(星城Online)》 tops the list in Taiwan, whose main media is Facebook, with in-feed and photos.

《Star City Online(星城Online)》
《Star City Online(星城Online)》

Acceptable casino types in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan are more diversified, including mahjong, chess, and making money online. The market is more potential, and its marketing can be more grounded.

3. Europe and Australia

Online casino is relatively liberal or legitimate in most European countries. In the UK, online real money trading has even been legalized. Australia has the highest casino rate in the world, and it is easy for people to participate in casino activities. A good users market environment paves the way for casinos.

According to the App Growing Global Top 100 Casino Mobile Games’ Advertisements, slot and poker are more popular in Europe and Australia. Australia, Germany, and Russia prefer slot, while France and the United Kingdom like poker.

Top publishers in Europe include Product madness(UK), Playtika(Israel), Huuuge Games(Poland), Zynga(USA), and Bole Games(China).

The top 3 developers are on the list for the long term, all of which released before 2015, with the exception of the Bole Games 《Cash Frenzy™》 in 2018. It proves the casino’s enduring ability to make money, with a product cycle of more than 10 years.

4. Southeast Asia

Online casino is largely in a grey area in Southeast Asia. Slot, Poker, and Domino are popular in Southeast Asia while rummy cards are more popular in India. What’s more, poker or cards are more popular in Southeast Asia than in Europe and the United States.

The ranking of developers in the top lists is more scattered, only a few European and American top developers mentioned above have scattered in different Southeast Asian countries. Local Indian developer Moonfrog focuses on rummy cards, topping in India’s local market. IGS and Gamesofa, developers from Taiwan of China, are doing better in Southeast Asia.

5. Japan and Korea

Pinball is another form of a slot. There are more than 10,000 pinball rooms in Japan. Japanese almost spend half of the leisure time in pinball rooms and housewives are no exception. Judging from the number of ads in the first half of the year, the slot’s share will be slightly larger.

South Koreans prefer board games and poker games. The South Korean government cracks down on casinos heavily, prohibiting local companies to open online casinos.

Chinese developer Yostar’s 《雀魂 -じゃんたま-》 shot top 2 on the Japan list. Its animation girl style fit the taste of Japanese users, caught the user’s eyeballs.

《雀魂 -じゃんたま-》

The data of the report is based on the number of advertisements from App Growing Global as a measure of ad performance. The number of advertisements is not exactly equal to their actual ad consumption and is for reference only.

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