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The October list of free casual games for iPhone in the United States has significantly changed without being noticed much! Compared with September, what new games are there in the new round of rankings? Come and have a look with App Growing Global!

▼Top 10 iOS downloads of casual games in the United States on September 19

Source: App Growing Global

Through our analysis, compared to the data from September, only “Subway Surfers,” “Join Clash,” and “Color Roll 3D” have successfully survived to October. Among them, “Subway Surfers” dropped 4 places, “ “Join Clash” stays in Top 3&4, while “Color Roll 3D” dropped 2 places. The new faces on the list this month are mainly simulation games, and music games are the second.

▼Top 10 iOS downloads of casual games in the United States on October 19

Source: App Growing Global

There are 5 new stimulation games in the Top 10, and driving simulation games alone occupy the top two of the list! The number one “LET’S BE COPS 3D” is a clean and simple casual simulation game that allows players to perform various police officers’ tasks. The second-ranked “TRUCK’EM ALL” is a fascinating driving simulation game. Players need to make the truck reach the destination by driving through the big slopes and sharp turns of the highway in the game. The different road conditions and the constant acceleration and sharp turnings make the game very intriguing! The third “RESTAURANT LIFE” is a mini-kitchen simulation game that provides plenty of roles for the player to switch. It comes to second place in the ranking only a week after it was launched. What’s more, its publisher Bekir Batuhan Celebi is also new and has only released “RL,” but will it keep its strong trend afterward? “PUPPY TOWN” has an incentive method for prize redemption in the game, which instantly makes the game very attractive and more popular inside game players in a concise time!

In terms of the advertising content, most of the top 10 casual games in the US this month are simulation games. Games such as “RESTAURANT LIFE,” “VEGAN RUN,” and “HOSPITAL INC.” are paying more and more attention to multi-angle and multi-scene level settings, and the impact on the players by satisfying their curiosity on characters and making multi-scene switching in the game.

Also, it is worth paying attention to the music game “MAGIC TILES 3: PIANO GAME”, a casual game released by Amanotes Pte. Ltd. “TILES HOP EDM RUSH” released by the same publisher has also been on the list in the past two weeks. It seems that the music rhythm game is slowly returning to the players’ devices! In regards to the advertising content, these two games gain the favor of a large number of players who love pop music by combining their games with hit songs. The huge traffic brought by pop music also helps the music game to rank top.

The design and technology of games are also becoming more and more exquisite. The technologies used in the “Subway Surfers” game are so exquisite, and the game is so attentive that it can be a textbook example. Simultaneously, these exquisite games can constantly be on the list and prove that players and even the market are pursuing more and more exquisite games.

Let’s see what real tricks those Top 10 games have in advertising and what materials make the game be on the list only a week after it was launched.

— Stimulation Games —


Publisher: Kwalee Ltd

“LET’S BE COPS 3D” is a clean and simple casual simulation game that allows players to perform various police officers’ tasks. The player needs to observe the running vehicles and arrest those driving dangerously on the highway. It can be said that this little game is very localized! The game in line with the American transportation culture. Hence, to American players, this game feels real. Coupled with more settings and levels in the game, the more the players play, the more fun they have. In terms of advertising materials, the past week’s most popular advertising materials are mainly videos that show how the game can be played. What you see is what you get, video material allows players to get to know the game’s fun.

Source: App Growing Global


Publisher: Bekir Batuhan Celebi

This is a kitchen stimulation game. In this kitchen, multi-role tasks are provided to experience the excitement and fun of completing multi-tasks to the greatest extent. In terms of advertising materials, the game scene is used for the advertisement to directly understand the game content and quickly know the game settings and style.

Source: App Growing Global


Publisher: SAMILLAGE

“PUPPY TOWN” is a pet raising simulation game. The fun of this game is that the player can keep so many different dogs. Many interesting little characters in the game and cute cartoon elements were used as the game background. In terms of advertising materials, it uses the material about how people won gifts as advertising materials, which directly brings out a highlighted prize redemption. Real materials are more likely to arouse players’ curiosity and cause conformity.


Publisher: Lion Studios

HOSPITAL INC. It is a hospital simulation game in which you will have a hospital of your own. The goal is to make your hospital a first-class hospital by helping patients with their diseases, making profits, and purchasing all sorts of new medical equipment. In terms of advertising materials, it chose a niche and exciting material, which gives players a strong visual impact, arouses players’ curiosity, and lures them to download the game.

Source: App Growing Global

— Hyper-casual Games —


Publisher: Sybo Games Apps

SUBWAY SURFERS is an endless parkour game based on a touch screen, using credits and multi-scene. With the addition of the page design with high-quality, players’ game experience couldn’t be better. It has easily accumulated a large crowd of loyal users. In terms of advertising materials, it mainly highlights the display of in-game scenes, levels, and reward coins, attracting downloads from multiple angles!

Source: App Growing Global


Publisher: Superspoic Studios

JOIN CLASH is a melee game in which the players need to create some environments for survival strategically. The players also need to build their gang and recruit people to resist the enemy’s attack. The world here is not safe. All the territory is obtained in this way. In terms of advertising materials, player cases are highlighted. Through simple cases, you can directly understand the game logic. The different color settings in the game help the players quickly identify their teammates and enemies.

Source: App Growing Global


Publisher: Good Job Games

COLOR ROLL 3D is a colored paper rolls simulation game. Players need to roll paper rolls of different shapes and colors in the best order to create exquisite geometric cartoon graphics. In terms of advertising materials, the game format is displayed quickly. The simple background also highlights the patterns and puzzles of the colored roll paper, which improves the user’s experience to a certain extent.

Source: App Growing Global

— Music Games —


Publisher: Amanotes, Pts. Ltd

This is a unique piano game, in which you can use other instruments like guitar and drums. This is also a piano game famous for its high-quality piano music and beautiful game style. In terms of advertising materials, it gives a comprehensive display of the game’s music genres. And potential players can easily get to know the cooperation of piano keys and music in the game. Also, hit music is popular, which makes it easier to attract potential players.

Source: App Growing Global

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