How to Improve Advertising Efficiency by Optimizing Ad Copy?

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When it comes to mobile advertising, the first thing most people think of is the image or video advertising. Exquisite picture or video creatives can indeed attract users’ attention in the first place, but an ad with a high conversion rate must also require the support of excellent ad copy.

A high-quality ad copy needs to use concise text to help users quickly build product awareness, clearly show the product’s selling point, resonate with users, and ultimately guide users to take action. Good ad copy is essential to promotion.

App Growing Global analyzes the popular ad copies based on the monitored advertising data in 42 countries/regions. The data covers 19 global advertising platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Admob, Unity, IronSource, Twitter, etc.

Mobile Game Ad Copy

01 Role Playing Game

Role-playing games often have the attributes of confrontation, and the popular copywriting of this type of game often uses questions to stimulate users’ desire to win. If it is a game that is adapted from IP or is in a marketing campaign with IP, it will also emphasize “official authorization” to cater to the increasing copyright protection awareness of current users.

Source: App Growing Global

◉Many failed before! Think you can do better?

◉새로운 4X 전략 서바이벌 게임! 어떻게 생존하는 지 알고 싶으신가요?

Korean: New 4X strategy survival game! Want to know how to survive?

◉เกมมือถือ BLEACH ลิขสิทธิ์แท้จากญี่ปุ่นเปิดให้เล่นแล้ววันนี้

Thai: Mobile game BLEACH, licensed from Japan, is now available to play.

02 Casual Game

The ad copy of casual games continues the relaxed and concise characteristics of casual games. It usually directly clarifies the content and gameplay of the game and uses emojis to convey emotions, allowing users to quickly understand the meaning of the text. Some games will also highlight the selling points of products such as “IQ improving” and “brain training”.

Source: App Growing Global

◉🔥Why is this game so fun??!?! 😂😂 🎮Play Now 👏👏

◉Build🔨, Attack💣, Protect 👊 and Play With Friends! 👫

◉I do this for 1–2 hours a day, and it makes my brain sharper.

03 Casino Game

Casino game ad copy can also be split into text and emoji two parts. The text emphasizes “addiction”, “free”, “social”, “bonus” and so on. The “slot machine 🎰 ”, “ Money 💰 ”, “ Cash 💵 ”and other emojis give users hints, so the game can circumvent platform restrictions and attract users.

Source: App Growing Global

◉⚠WARNING-ADDICTIVE⚠ The Best Slots Game is Coming! 🎰 Get Your Huge Welcome BONUS Now! 😎

◉💵Welcome to the BEST FREE CASINO!💵

◉Mainkan poker dan bertemu teman

Indonesian: Play poker and meet friends

Non-gaming ad copy

01 Shopping

Shopping apps usually give discounts straightforwardly in the ad copy, and at the same time increase the sense of urgency by limiting the time, using people’s psychology of taking advantage to drive user behavior.

Source: App Growing Global

◉BLACK FRIDAY+Cyber Monday starts NOW-don’t miss 60–80% OFF store prices💰

◉Utilisez le code promo BFD2020, faites des économies lors du Black Friday. Achetez sur Wish.

French: Use promo code BFD2020, save money on Black Friday. Buy on Wish.

◉Shop früh und sparen O:) Heutige 50–90% Diskonte, wenn Sie 15 Tage für Anlieferung…

German: Shop early and save O :) Today’s 50–90% discounts if you leave 15 days for delivery …

02 Books & Reference

A unique feature of the advertising copy of Books & Reference apps is that part of the advertising copy is directly intercepted from the highlights of popular novels, which brings a sense of immersion, and attracts users to download the App to read. Another part of the advertisements will show highlights such as rich book resources and free reading.

Source: App Growing Global

◉Приложение с аудиокнигами, в котором действительно приятные голоса у дикторов.

Russian: An audiobook app with really nice voices from the announcers.

◉”When a wolf turns 17, they get to find their mate. Today is my 17th birthday, and will my dream come true?……”

◉\スクエニの漫画が毎日読める!/ 国内最大級マンガアプリ【マンガUP!】

Japanese: \ You can read Square Enix’s Comics every day! / Japan’s largest Comics app [Manga UP!]

03 Social Networking

The ad copy of social apps varies according to the difference in app segmentation. Some common short video social application often emphasizes interest matching, recommendation mechanism, etc. Targeting adult social and dating applications, copywriting will be relatively more seductive.

Source: App Growing Global

◉Refresh your day and explore videos to match all of your interests.

◉إلتقي فتيات متشوقات للدلع🔥

Arabic: Meet girls who are eager to get pampered

◉आधी रात को और अकेले इस ऐप का उपयोग करना चाहिए

Hindi: Must use this app at midnight and alone

In general, due to the influence of product segmentation, platform regulations, industry trends, and other factors, it is not a simple matter to create attractive ad copy, but a good copy can give ads higher conversion power and is worth being studied carefully.

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