Media Buying Analysis of Business Simulation Games: How to Make an Outstanding Performance in the Market & Conquer Users?

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In 2020, Last year, a batch of ancient-style business simulation games such as “Call Me Big Boss” became the dark horses in the industry under the dual blessing of excellent painting style and traditional cultural background. There is a lively discussion on social media, and a wave of “returning to ancient times to be the boss” on the Internet.

Last year, the explosion of business simulation games once again proved to the industry the market potential behind the category. Many game manufacturers took advantage of this craze to launch similar products. Players acted as shopkeepers, owners, presidents, farmers, enjoying the pleasure of management and harvest.

App Growing Global analyzes the advertising of business simulation games based on the monitored ad data in 42 countries/regions. The data covers 22 global mobile ad platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Admob, Unity Ads, ironSource, and Twitter.


Overall Market Trend

From the perspective of advertising, according to the data monitored by App Growing Global, the market share of casual simulation games this year is 8.2%. Among them, business-themed simulation games account for 40.9%, that is, the market share of business simulation games is approximately 3.4%.

From January to July this year, the monthly average number of advertising business simulation games is 800, while the monthly new launched business simulation games accounted for around 13% of that, with the highest of 18% in January and the lowest of 5% in July.

On the whole, since the beginning of this year, the number of monthly new games of business simulation games has shown a general trend of declining, and the proportion of newly launched games has also fallen correspondingly.

Competition in the media buying market is also fierce. In January of this year, about 100,000 ads of business simulation games were captured. Among them, by merging the same creatives, a total of 10,000 ad creatives were counted. At this time, the reuse rate of ad creatives is high. Media traffic buying is less easy.

However, starting from February, the ad amount of business simulation categories began to be difficult. Under the circumstance of volatility and decline in advertising volume, the number of creatives has continued to soar, and reached a peak in April. There were 38,000 new creatives input that month, which means that the difficulty of media buying is increasing, and the optimizer needs to continuously optimize the existing creatives, and plan new creatives at the same time to maintain the account.

Until June and July , the monthly advertising volume was stabilized at around 75,000 again. The amount of creatives was also maintained at around 50,000, and the amount of new creatives per month was maintained at the level of 20,000.

Business simulation games usually have casual-style characteristics, and the selection of media buying channels is also in line with the casual games. The main channel is Facebook’s platform. Selecting social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram can promote communications between players, stimulate marketing content, and enhanced promotion.


Creatives analysis

  1. The reappearance of ancient elements and the blessing of the Chinese painting style bring historical immersion.

In the past year, the topic of Ancient-style simulation management game has been very popular. Through the reproduction of ancient commercial elements such as medical halls, inns, and pawnshops, the players’ historical immersion will be enhanced, and the joy of operation will be strengthened. The ink painting style full of Chinese characteristics can also bring freshness to players.

Ad Copy: 拒絕做一輩子打工仔 快點來打造屬於你的古風小鎮🏡
Ad Copy: 2021年度水墨風江湖經營手遊大作-我在江湖有座城🎊

2. The cartoon style makes it closer to the users

The cartoon style is the most mainstream style of business simulation games, and the relaxing style is also in line with the characteristics of casual games.

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Ad Copy: Time to sharpen your axe and build your business, dear. 💰💰💰

3. Display innovative gameplay

The core gameplay of traditional business simulation games is to consume resources to upgrade facilities, and then use the upgraded facilities to obtain more resources. This cycle can make players lose interest. Therefore, most games will add characters, building types, or extend the conversion chain of resources to enrich the content. There are also games that use combined gameplay, adding card, collection, and raising elements on the basis of simulated business to enhance gameplay.

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