Mobile Advertising Intelligence Analysis of Q2 2020 in North America

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What was the trend of mobile advertising in North America under the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Q2 of 2020? App Growing Global published 《Mobile Advertising Intelligence Analysis of Q2 2020 in North America》 based on global advertising data from July 1 to June 31, 2020, covering Canada & America and 17 global mobile advertising platforms including, Facebook, Admob, Unity, Line Japan, and Twitter.

1 Advertising Trends in North America

Mobile games accounted for 67% of the market in Q2 and their advertisements accounted for 50%. The number of non-gaming apps is relatively small, but the ads of a single application are greater, taking up half of the market in Q2.

Puzzle games accounted for nearly 1/3 in Q2, up 11.6% quarter-on-quarter. SLG advertising was basically flat as Q1 while RPG up 22.4% quarter-on-quarter.

Non-gaming Apps

Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, hot categories of Q1&Q2 in the North American are news, entertainment, shopping, health, and social, especially news, whose creatives show explosive growth and occupies more than 40% of the non-gaming advertising.

2 Top Apps and Advertising Strategy

2–1 Top 20 Mobile Games

Popular games in North America cover players from casual games to hardcore games. The types of mobile games are more abundant, including SLG, RPG, casual, and casino. Chinese publishers dominate more than half in the Top 20 Mobile Games and occupied the Top 5. However, there are fewer Chinese publishers in the Top 20 Mobile Games from Q2.

ZenLife Games’ casual games, Grande Games’ casino games, and Crazy Maple Studio’s Otome interactive&narrative games push advertising campaigns strongly in Q1 and Q2.

2–2 Hot Mobile Games’ Advertising Strategy

The creatives of Grande Games’ 《Lotsa Slots: Casino SLOTS》 highlight downloaded benefits and winning moments with colorful screen and impressed winning dynamic effect.

Advertising copy: ⚡Install Lotsa Slots and Receive a 1 Million Welcome Coin Bonus! ⚡

Lotsa Slots: Casino SLOTS

《Pocket7Games》 highlights real-life moments of winning money, game richness, and real money trading, mainly advertised on Facebook.

Advertising copy:№1 Cash Game App Actually Paid !


Plarium’s 《RAID: Shadow Legends》 is a Western magic style, in line with the taste of Americans. Both of its products and creatives are of high quality.

The creative angle includes:

①Hero characters and real people interact and ridicule, combining virtuality and reality.

Advertising copy:“This game is amazing! So much to do, so many champions, the fights never get boring, I love these kinds of games. Also cool story!”

RAID: Shadow Legends

②The hero character’s funny humor makes it more popular.

Advertising copy:Over 400 Unique Heroes Available to Build Your Ultimate Team

RAID: Shadow Legends

2–3 Top 20 Non-gaming Apps

Compared with the Top 20 Mobile Games, fewer Chinese publishers are in the Top 20 Non-gaming App. Video live apps like Tiktok,Uplive,Bigo are very popular. What’s more, Cloudary’s《Webnovel — Fictions & Comics》run advertising campaigns in Q2, ranked in the Top 5 in the U.S Top Charts Ranking for Books recently.

2–4 Hot Creatives Strategy

Social live products like《Bigo Live》and《Uplive》, both mainly use pictures, most of which are all kinds of beautiful host pictures, or beauty’s live video of games.

Uplive‘s Creatives

More than 90% of the books products like STORE PTE’s 《Dreame》 and Cloudary’s 《Webnovel》 are photos. 《Dreame》 is based on urban love, while 《Webnovel》 is an animation theme.

3 North America Creatives Suggestion

①Art Style

It needs to fit the player’s aesthetic habits, mainly science, materialization, cool, and futurity. For example, military-style, European and American realism, magic style, Disney or DreamWorks cartoon style are popular.

②Creative Angle

It suggests adding high-quality propaganda, a multi-angle demonstration in video using hardcore demonstration, and core play as creatives. It can also combine with local hot topics, real-life shooting, live commentary, virtuality&reality, and other elements. Images can be captured directly from the video, showing the content and gameplay and highlighting the game benefits or points with a copy. In terms of non-gaming apps promotion, it needs to pay more attention to racial inclusiveness and openness. The creatives and advertising copy are not biased against certain groups of people, showing that beauty comes from all kinds of nation and race.

③Material Type

Mobile games prefer video creatives, the same as tools or video products. Video creatives are better than static advertising in terms of ad rate and quality.

④Advertising Media

Market research firm — eMarketer reports that U.S. e-Sports advertising revenue increased 25% in 2019 and is expected to exceed $200 million by 2020. In addition to the regular advertising, PR(public relations), influencer, e-sports live and star endorsements are also good choices. The combination of these methods and channels will be more effective in driving growth in natural users, thereby reducing the cost per installation user.

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