Mobile Game Advertising Intelligence Analysis of July 2020

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App Growing Global published《Mobile Game Advertising Intelligence Analysis of July 2020》 based on global advertising data from July 1 to July 31, 2020, covering 19 countries & regions and 17 global mobile advertising platforms including, Facebook, Admob, Unity, Line Japan, and Twitter.

Mobile Game Advertising Trends

In July, puzzle games accounted for 1/3 of the market, while strategy and role-playing games rose 2.6% and 1.1% month-on-month in June.

The USA fell to 12.50% in July from 13.76% in June. UK, Canada, and Australia accounted for a small increase in advertising in July.

In terms of advertising format, the proportion of in-feed is over 70%, followed by rewarded video and interstitial. Interstitial accounted for 2% in June and increased to 8%.

As for advertising materials, video fell 7% in July from June, with most of it in in-feed, while the website rose from 6.5% in June to 14.7% in July. There are many banners on website advertising, part of which is interstitial and playable.

Top Mobile Games and Publishers in July

①Top 20 Mobile Games in July

YottaGames’《Mafia City》puts nearly 2000 sets of advertisements in July around the world, whose ranking is within the top 5 in several countries’ top charts. The second is an RPG《Hero War》from Cypriot company Nexters, released in 2016 and it is still popular now.

The other three games in the top 5 are Machbird Studio’s 《Dawn Crisis: Survivors》 and 《Mission: Zombies Removal-offline shooting》 and Firecraft Studios’ 《Matchington Mansion》

②Hot 20 Mobile Games in July

GTarcade’s 《3Kingdoms 2-SG&MY Version》(少年三国志2新马版) put much advertising in Singapore and Malaysia. GTarcade’s other IP strategy game《GOT: Winter is Coming M”》is also very popular.

Otome game 《イケメン戦国◆時をかける恋 人気女性向け乙女・恋愛ゲーム》tops 2 in the chart. Lilith Games’《AFK アリーナ》, ranked top 3, increased their advertising campaigns in July. Most of the other games in the chart are puzzle games.

③Top 20 Mobile Games Publishers

Casual games publishers like BitMango and Voodoo put their advertising strongly. And Chinese publishers such as YottaGames, 4399, and Funplus prefer SLG and RPG ads.

Hot Mobile Games Advertising Creatives

Based on different games’ creatives such as casual games, SLG, and RPG, we sort out common scenarios as below:

3–1 Casual Games Creatives

Angle 1: The game is easy to get started, showing the key point of it. The advertising copy is to call users to take action immediately.

《Ball Sort Puzzle》’s creative

Angle 2: The player simulates unlocking the game level, but fail. The purpose of creatives is to ask the players for help.

In《Matchington Mansion》, players get new furniture and decorations by getting rewards to unlock and renovate every room on the estate.

3–2. SLG Creatives

Angle 1: Showing off the process of upgrade, the players make a strategic choice in the middle.

《Mafia City》’s creative

Angle 2: Attracting players to download by creating tension and excitement of the game.

《State of Survival》’s creative

3–3. RPG Creatives

Angle 1: Introducing game characters by real persons and sending character benefit packs.

《Goddess MUA》’s creative

Angle 2: Attracting players to download by using casual game creatives which is different from its original game scenarios.

《Hero War》’s creative

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