Ad Trends of Non-gaming Apps Ads in October: Pan-Entertainment Apps are preferred, Photo Editing Tools, Wallpaper and Emoji are hot-advertised in October

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The second wave of the pandemic is coming fiercely overseas, some countries are still under blocking, online mobile apps markets continue to rise consequently. But what is the detailed situation? Now let’s dissect the mobile apps market in October through ads data.

PS. The report is based on global advertising data tracked by App Growing Global from October 01 to October 31, 2020, covering 21 countries/regions and 18 global mobile advertising platforms including Facebook, Admob, YouTube, Unity, Line Japan, and Twitter, using App Growing Global’s ads number as the basis for measuring the intensity of advertising.

Among Top 100 Advertising Non-gaming Apps, localized pan-entertainment non-gaming apps took up 70%

Reading, social, and entertainment purchasing volume and localized apps accounted for a significantly higher proportion than the global level; the number of localized apps for lifestyle, finance, and health was relatively fewer.

Below are the Top 10 Advertised Pan-Entertainment Apps

We are going to focus on interpreting Top 10 reading, entertainment, social, and video apps.

  1. Reading Apps

The top reading apps on the global promotion list in October are mainly advertised in the United States and Southeast Asia. Apps that mainly promoted in the United States include “READICT” and “WEBNOVEL”; while “HINOVEL” and “INNOVEL” focused on Southeast Asia, and Pratilipi’s “FREE STORIES, AUDIO STORIES AND BOOKS” mainly focused on India.

The global pandemic had pushed up the popularity of novels reading apps. Chinese publishers have been competing fiercely, and some publishers segmented their apps’ categories to attract users. For example, “WEBNOVEL” features manga novels.▼

“WEBNOVEL” Creatives — App Growing Global Intelligence

Novel reading apps mostly used in-feed images as materials. For apps localization in Europe and the United States, novel reading apps promoted their romantic and sci-fi novels by and large. Besides, they tend to use chapters from a popular novel as creatives. For instance, there are many materials in novels about werewolf love.

“READICT” Creatives — App Growing Global Intelligence

Creatives copywriting prefers excerpting the novel’s introduction to attract users to continue reading. ▼

“RADISH” Creatives — App Growing Global Intelligence

2.Entertainment Apps

The entertainment category was basically dominated by wallpapers, emoji, and music apps, mainly in emerging countries, especially Brazil and India. However, entertainment apps have relatively lower user retention and monetization than other types of apps.

Wallpaper apps are chiefly of the video category; their creatives flaunt wallpaper effects of different themes.

“3D LIVE WALLPAPER“ Creative— App Growing Global Intelligence

However, musical creatives are actually more difficult to express. The creatives of “ONE MUSIC”, “SHINE MUSIC”, and “VITA MUSIC” all advertised by directly and roughly putting users into groups according to different mobile phone models, which gives the users of a certain mobile phone exclusive experience.

Ads Copies: Congratulations to the Sony users!! 💕💗💛 Now you can download for free this powerful music application that has thousands of incredible songs! Click to install it🎼🎵🎶

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“VITA MUSIC” Creative— App Growing Global Intelligence

3. Social Apps

Under the situation that Chinese live broadcast market competition is getting more and more intense, social live broadcast product is also a big hit for app localization this year. Represented by “BIGO LIVE”, “UPLIVE”, and “MICO”, which also have already shown strong profitability, Chinese publisher accounted for half of the Top 10 promoting list.

Each product focuses on its own market. Generally speaking, the creatives of social live broadcast products are mainly live broadcast by attractive females. The creatives should respect and pay attention to localized marketing. For example, the Middle East creatives may need to mind the masking of female faces, and the use of green elements will incentive the popularity in the Middle East market.

“LivU” Creative — App Growing Global Intelligence

4.Video Playing & Editing Video

In addition to the familiar products of Chinese giants for apps localization such as “LIKEE”, “KWAI” and “TIKTOK”, we also noticed a company in Beijing. Four products of Alpha Mobile broke into the Top 10 of the video apps promotion list, namely “EVERLOOK” and “BODYAPP”, “PHOTABLE” and “MANLY”. Despite their nuances, these 4 products are all body photoshopping apps, but “MANLY” is only for men photoshopping. The 4 products were mostly advertised in T1 countries except for Southeast Asia, and 99% were video creatives.

“MANLY” Creative — App Growing Global Intelligence

In a word, driven by the global pandemic, Chinese publishers are enthusiastic about doing pan-entertainment apps localization.

Reading apps are easy to monetize in the United States, and China and Southeast Asia have similar cultures, making them the first choice for app localization. However, the threshold for developing reading apps is low.

Individual developers are vying to try, and the competition is getting fiercer. Likewise, the copyright issue of localization content needs to be circumvented, and the same goes for audio apps.

Chinese video apps are gaining momentum in going overseas, and it is prioritized that creating high-quality content for both short and long videos.

Light entertainment apps, such as photo editing tools, wallpaper tools, etc., also have low development thresholds, are easier to acquire users in emerging countries, and have good development potential. However, user retention and monetization are still their huge defects. Hence, more effective and diversified monetization and product innovation are needed to balance user retention.

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