Use Game Tags to Enhance Vertical Search Power & Precise Positioning in The Market Segment

4 min readAug 13, 2021

Facebook Gaming pointed out in the “Genre & Great Game” released in 2020

“Genre is the most influential factor that drives people to try out new games. ”

In the questionnaire survey, “Genre” accounted for 49%, surpassing “ Recommendations from family/friends “ and “ App store reviews “, becoming the most important factor influencing a game’s customer acquisition.

However, with the continuous expansion of the global mobile game market, the diversity of game users has increased to an unprecedented height. For mobile game manufacturers, it has become increasingly difficult to identify market segments, understand the tactics of competing products, and understand the preferences of target users. Relying on traditional game classification methods to carry out project research or promotion campaigns is often very inefficient.

The traditional game classification method takes gameplay as the core, and divides the game into ACT(action), RPG(role-playing), RAC(racing), SLG(strategy simulation) and other categories. However, with the continuous improvement of the software and hardware of mobile devices, new types of games are constantly emerging. These games often integrate multiple gameplays and have distinct characteristics in artistic style. This makes the traditional rough classification method unable to accurately and fully reflect the current mobile game market.

Taking “ Goddess of Genesis” and “Harvest Town” as examples, these two games in the App Store are classified as RPG (Role Playing Game), but the game styles, gameplay mechanisms, target audiences, etc. are actually all very different. If you simply use “RPG” to represent the two games, it is not only meaningless, but more likely to cause waste of resources in project operations, and even lead to a disadvantage in the fierce market competition.

Instead, a clear, comprehensive taxonomy can provide a clearer picture of the market for the game manufacturers; and help developers to quickly and accurately find the target market segment, and fully understand the features and advantages of competitors; or assist operators to find an efficient way to promote acquisition of users. This is why many game companies create internal taxonomy.

For many non-first-tier game manufacturers without internal classification, the lack of a comprehensive understanding of where they are in the industry not only makes them lack of a measure of their competitors, but also face the challenge of “game out”.

App Growing Global strives to provide customers with the best solutions and has launched Game Tags function.


Function mechanism

Game Tags are based on the game’s copywriting, application description and other data. There are a total of 44 tag dimensions from the perspectives of game category, style, and gameplay. The game is tagged through machine learning algorithms to make the game classification more refined. Users can be more convenient to filter out the subdivisions that they are concerned about.

We hope that game tags can reflect market trends more dynamically and meaningfully, so a game can correspond to one or more tags, and there is no parent relationship between tags.


Practical application

Game Tags feature helps developers in the project beginning to understand the market share of game subcategories by the number of advertising apps and newly launched apps, building awareness of the target market competition.

In addition, users can also know which games under the Tag are on the rise, which games are being advertising in mass, or are accurately buying media on a specific platform.

It is very important for personnel in marketing, operations, advertising optimization and other positions to be familiar with the promotion trend of competing products. The game tag function can help understand competitors’ games, know specific artistic styles, advertising trends, and get creative inspiration for advertising.

The Game Tag function can help users gain a more thorough understanding in the mobile game market and master data-driven advantages.

App Growing Global will continue to enrich product features and bring more data analysis dimensions.

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