4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Go For A Mobile App Over A Website

Technology experts often debate over what is better for the business perspective, websites or mobile apps? While a bunch of experts believes that mobile apps should be preferred, a good chunk of them emphasizes over the benefits websites offer over apps. The debate seems be go further and further with no dead end. However, the recent hike in the number of mobile app development services shed light on the sudden inclination of business owners towards mobile apps.

In today’s times, websites are undoubtedly one step ahead in overall revenue generation than their mobile app counterparts. This fact may make you mull that the conventional ways are always better than the latest ones. However, by looking at the rate by which the mobile landscape is spreading its wings, the importance of having a business application can’t be belittled. One can easily anticipate that sooner than later, apps will steal the march from websites as the smartphones have replaced laptops in many ways.

Nowadays, various apps are assisting the civilization in a number of ways. Be it sending emails, editing pics, writing documents, initiating video conferences or mobile apps have taken over the information era by storm. As a result, most of the top-notch businesses made it a point to get their business apps develop to provide added ROI.

1. Quick Access to Services

Booting up the system and making your way up to a website through a browser takes minutes while your smartphone can boost you there in seconds. On the side note, smartphones are way lighter than laptops. With your business app, you enable your users an expeditious way to access your website.

2. It Keeps Your Customers Updated

People of all age group check on their smartphones way more frequently than their PCs. That makes mobile apps the better way of advertising. You can send frequent updates to your customers regarding new arrivals or exclusive discounts. Customers love affordable deal and discount and may login to your site to buy something that interest them.

3. Better and Fast Interactions with Customers

Immediate interaction is another benefit that only an app can offer you. A short chat with your customers can provide you a deep insight of the quality of your services as well as anything extra you can add to your services. You can leverage the review feature as the indicator of your business requirement. Have a look at your customers’ comments and gain intelligence on what you excel and what are you lacking.

4. Effective Promotion

Almost every Android application in Google Play Store uses ads to generate a pinch of their overall revenue. Studies show that most of the smartphone users spend 80% of their time on apps. You can opt for a PPC (Pay Per Click) online marketing mobile campaign for your brand’s promotion. Google now uses AI to decide which ad should be shown to whom. Therefore, through mobile marketing, you can boost your exposure.

Even though all the aforesaid advantages of mobile apps over websites, one should cull for both to get the max out his business. Both the techniques offer their own exclusive benefits. If you don’t have a business app yet, then that’s the high time you contacted a mobile app development company to get one developed.