Increase Customer Retention of Your iPhone App with These Design Hacks

In the deluged world of mobile applications, apps that offer value with remarkable user experience effortlessly get on the ball. Content, information, and functionalities can vary depending on the type of your iPhone app, but the user experience is something you don’t want to compromise with and can completely control.

iPhone app development companies in USA are on the voyage of setting new standards in user experience by applying apt and creative design changes in their apps. Before you launch your application in iTunes store, you need to make sure upfront that it won’t get rejected by your users promptly.

An average user keeps around 20 application including the 5 on which he/she devote much of his/her time. If you certainly don’t want to be the 21st or even the alienated 6th, then make sure to induce the following design hacks in your app:

1. Self Explanatory UX

Surviving in the app ground, especially when it’s dominated by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp, is tough.

To secure your place in your user’s 5-inched screen devices and 1.4 Kg brains, you need to treat them like novice children with a standard, easy-to-comprehend UX/UI that works at a speed of thoughts flawlessly.

2. Use of Signifiers and Standard Visual/Text Navigators

Blue, underlined text tells the users that it’s a Hyperlink. On the other hand, round, shadowed text demonstrate a button.

Signifiers add to the navigation and understandability of the app and help users with moving around. Businesses have made it a point to use apt and simple signifiers in their apps developed by iPhone app development services.

3. Fast Login/Sign Up, and Goal-Driven Design.

Conduct thorough analysis and organize frequent contests and surveys to figure out the behavioral segment of your users. Once you get an idea, make a persona referring to a segment of the specific group of users with alike behavior to strategize your goal.

Also, integrate social media login and sign up to cut down the hectic & conventional sign up approach.

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