Voice Search Optimization for App Store: What is it and How the Search Scenario is Changing?

With the emergence of outstanding voice assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Home, we can speculate the importance of intelligent assistance in people’s day-to-day activities. Be it the way we search for a specific app in app store, or ask Cortana to direct us to a specific file in a way we would usually ask human assistants. iPhone app development companies in USA are continuously working on voice optimization of their websites so that their application counterpart can benefit from it.

Why Do You Need to Opt for Voice Optimization Right Now?

According to a report published by SE giant Google in 2016, 20% of all mobile search was performed by voice searches making a stunning 100% hike from the number of users than 2015. In a pertinent study, Apple’s smart voice assistant Siri accounted for 13% of all searches.

Hence, if voice search is taking the world by storm then being an early bird by implementing an effective voice search optimization strategy for all your iPhone apps will help you steal the march from the very beginning.

Why Are So Many People Culling Voice Search?

The renowned survey firm Statista hosted a globe-wide survey to get a hint of the basic mentality of typical users in regards to using voice search increasingly. The largest portion of them mentioned that it is comparatively a quicker way than the conventional means of search. Moreover, most of the times, it’s 100% accurate.

For other people, they preferred voice search because they could use it while driving, and it’s more fun.

Where Should You Start?

If you have already an application up and running in iTunes store, then simply contact your iPhone app development service to optimize your application according to Siri. You can also have a look at your website and app store’s content to optimize according to voice & text search queries.

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