How to approach design with the user in mind

We always challenge our designers to solve a problem, rather than just designing a feature because it looks great or uses the latest technology. The first approach is user centric. It adds value. It serves the people using the product and represent the core of the business. The second approach is “I” centric. It is supposed to impress other designers and thereby is very tempting.

In order to produce the best for work the user of a given product, we apply the following four steps as a checklist for everyone working on product:

  1. Here is a problem I want to…

The overlooked impact of engineers on user experience

We recently had a lunch discussion on how engineers don’t get credited half as much for their work as designers. The often complicated and hard work of many engineering teams simply isn’t as visible as an interface forefront done by designers.

Users always expect a service to work perfectly. They take the hours of improvements for granted. A cute little animation here or there will most certainly win over an invisible 6% performance improvement if you cast a user poll.

With that said, no designer should underestimate the impact an engineering team has on the actual user experience. …


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