How wanelo clone hike your eCommerce store

Launching an eCommerce store will always have loads and loads of questions to set what type of store, will it be an online shopping cart, online classifieds or any online ordering and booking ebusiness. Somehow you would have chosen the business type will be on Online multi-vendor and shopping cart script, but what would be the next step to make it bigger success around the end-users. For that an entrepreneur should go with cloning a website which already very much popular. Like you can go with fancy clone, wanelo clone or some more popular sites clone.

Take a look at the constructive features to establish your online marketplace too much user-friendly.

  • Bookmarklet function to share and add affiliates into the web from the other websites. Which will revenue the site’s admin on escrow with the site to be shared through commission.
  • Welcome wizard for the new users to know and follow the top people and stores in the marketplace.
  • Social media friendly to share stories , @mentions and #tags.
  • Become the top people in the online store with highest follower count
  • Make your store top with the more likes and follows to it.
  • Must have the Multilingual and multicurrency option to target the international audience and currencies.
  • Just added products let the users to know the most and recent updated product into the marketplace.
  • Hot products which let the users to know the trendiest products to attract users which are listed separately
  • News feeds for the users to update their status.
  • Notifications to know what’s happening in the online shopping cart with admin news for the users.
  • Paypal adaptive for the busy onlinepreneurs to auto transact the fund between the admin and sellers.
  • Collections to save the products liked by the user while surfing around the website and to retrieve it back.
  • Tag and save the favourite products to your friends.
  • Categories to search products based on their needs.

With these magnifying features an online marketplace can become much user-friendly with its potent features.

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