Turning Point of wanelo clone

How a multi-vendor script can make wonders in your eCommerce career:

Mention multi-vendor script is an inspired clone of wanelo clone. We all might know and wanted have a similar business alike it. Here take a look, how this script supports from the website owner or admin to the users.

Winelo, allows the sellers to upload products for sale which falls into a concept of multi seller platform with affiliate selling too. Isnt it a great advantage for both type of sellers. Well the script also has some coolest features from social media like you can share stories about the products to social media, you can also tag and mentions your friends with save options.

Alright! These features would be great for sellers and buyers. And what’s for the admin? How a site owner can earn money from this eCommerce platform. Ads can be placed on promotions practices of other party. Escrow between the affiliate sellers.

Sellers can also pay to admin to highlight their products as recommendations from the system, which attracts the buyer to be the trustworthy seller.

  • Users and client quoted “ The UI of the wanelo clone is very much user-friendly, where users can find features easily” .
  • “Adapting social media features is the next way to go for a social ecommerce trend”.
  • “Bookmarklet function are just awesome to add affiliates instantly”.

Whatever be the powerful technology implemented, make sure the platform you have chosen is highly customizable. As the trends and features gets changed, so be ready to adapt the future too. Get into eCommerce with wanelo clone to earn more.