User Interface for online classifieds

Website UI (user interface) plays a vital role in web designing, since the success and usability of that website totally depend on how the UI was designed. To be more technical it’s a GUI’s (Graphical User Interface) based where the user interacts with the UI and results in the form of pages requested by them. Basically, UI interaction with the website users have to be very effective,sophisticated and smooth.

Online classifieds

It’s always a good practice to design an UI of the website for a effective browsing experience to your users. Even that it should be more on designing a online classified script,

  • Designing an user-friendly website is the best thing you can do for your website users. That is rightly placed functionality and features like categories and filter options. It should be visible to the user.
  • The basic rule on designing an user interface is to pulse what user expects from your website. Like predominantly placed icons at the top of the landing page. Let’s say the login button and post to sale or ad button. Even at times i faced some difficulty in finding the post options in many classifieds websites.
  • Usage of CTA on Buy, Sell, post buttons is the best way to design an online classifieds. At times we will be facing some pop up ads which affect our navigation to next pages. That should be really addressed to avoided.
  • Incorporate with most appealing and legible fonts into your website’s UI. Its advisable to use different type of fonts to attract user but never forget the reading capabilities while choosing the fonts. The style of the font should be easily readable.
  • Make your user’s navigation into the website seamless and easy to move forward and backward.
  • Eye catchy icons and graphics are must to attract user’s attention. So in classifieds websites eye catchy icons for featured ads will workout effectively.

Hope these points would help you to see whenever you are about to design the UI for your online classifieds website.