Final Idea + Recipe

My cookies are a culmination of eating healthy desserts. I cut out bad ingredients (chemicals, gluten, sugar, etc) and added nutrients via a vegetable powder. My end result is a delicious cookie that anyone would eat even if they weren’t looking to eat a healthy cookie.

1c coconut flour

a pinch of baking soda

a lot of xylitol

few scoop grass-fed protein powder

couple eggs

5 min creativity

what cacao power you can find

2 beets worth of powder

just enough love

Idea Generation

I chose to experiment with a “healthy” cookie. I live a pretty healthy lifestyle, so cooking as such is a passion of mine. Also, “healthier” options of foods is trending so there is an increasing demand for such products in the market.

Currently, “healthier” options of desserts cut ingredients like sugar, gluten, dairy, etc — not adding ingredients. I figure most people don’t like eating their vegetables so I’ll do something different by sneaking them into a dessert.

I started with vegetables that are high in nutrition yet don’t have strong flavors that I could easily cover up. I came up with beets and spinach. I figure both colors and flavors could be easily covered up by chocolate or ginger.

I baked the pulp of 2 beets and put it into a coffee bean grinder to turn it into a powder to use in the dough.

Idea Test 1

I figured beet and ginger would go well together to make a good ginger snap cookie. I’ll use some of the ginger pulp from juicing as my ginger. Coconut flour seemed to be a good choice to pair with this recipe.


Idea Test 2

Chocolate seemed like a go-to solution to cover up the potential flavor of beet, so I added some cocoa powder and chocolate grass-fed whey to the basic recipe. I’ll try almond flour with this batch.


Chocolate is clearly the way to go. Coconut flour seemed to be better than almond flour. Xylitol is a bitch to melt and if you don’t completely melt it, it leaves small pockets in the cookie. Beet is surprisingly hard flavor to completely mask. Not enough oil = shit salad w/ soup sandwich.










Create Blog Account


Develop timeline; document ideas in sketchbook


Research recipes


Get ingredients


Iterations 1&2


Finalize recipe


Finish final blog post



Make final batch


Kick some ass

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