Greece Day # 7: A Night Downtown

My night downtown started with our tour of the olympic stadium of athens and the Temple of Zeus. Bothe historic monuments created during the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian.

After visiting both sites the sun began to set on Athens and me and Aditya went to the top of a hotel named A for Athens where we ordered some drinks and watched the sunset, as we peered onver the hotel roof to the Acdropolis.

After we went to A for Athens we countinued to explore the downtown area. I purchased some 5 euro shades while Aditya contemplated getting jewlerly for his mother. After that, we ate dinner at a close by resturant. I had veal and Aditya had an interesting greek dish that looked like a cheese soup. Once finishing dinner we walked around further until it was dark, and ordered an uber to take us back to our dormitory, where we slept soundly.

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