What is Truth?

To many, truth are facts and can’t be changed.

I read somewhere recently about a fact, when being repeated often enough, makes the fact seem more true, regardless of whether it is or not in the first place. And we live in a world where facts matter. And we tend to make a point to repeat these so called facts again. And again. Without exploring deeper to understand if, this fact is indeed the truth.

My late mum once had a really bad fall which left her totally bedridden and in massive pain. Visits to doctors and TCM Tuina physician drew bleak but similar conclusion that if she were to avoid surgery, she would be in this state for the rest of her life. Yet at her age and health condition, surgery of this magnitude was unimaginable.

There didn’t seem to be a way out.

We didn’t want to accept this as the ultimate. Much efforts were spent on understanding and verifying the condition and finding alternative measures to better manage and heal — if not all, at least to a decent level of quality living for her.

New lights were shed. The original fact seemed flexible for a change. We were confident enough to try healing her with daily care of love and massages using clinical grade of essential oils. She took all of these well.

Slowly, she was able to regain her energy and appetite, sit up prodded in bed and chat, stand up in her room with a smile and eventually take her first baby step with the help of support.

Six months was what it took to add a new dimension to the original fact that was shared.

In 2002, the famous Kong Kong Phoenic TV hostess Liu Hairou was very badly injured in United Kingdom with severe damages to her ribs, head, lungs and spine. The hospital conjectured she was brain dead and everyone was prepared to pull the plug to end her life. Her family refused to accept this news and decided to put her on alternative Chinese medicine in Beijing. An astonishing miracle happened where she not only regained consciousness but also made a full recovery and resumed her career. ( source: http://www.china.org.cn/english/2002/Nov/49495.htm )

Unwarranted dogmatism has taken over in many fields including medical science and dissenting views are very often dismissed without further ado. Reality is, the world we live in poses plenty of mysteries and since nature does not disclose her secrets readily, there are much out there that may not be fully understood. Therein lies the excitement of proving and re-proving the already known theories and possibilities, forming a consistent force to direct an alternative way of looking and understanding things.

Our very own set of beliefs and how we react towards the information on hand have an impact on what’s going to happen next. This gives us the ability to do things differently in a more pragmatic and rationalized manner.

Keeping an open mind opens a world of possibilities.