A Course in Miracles: Part 1 — Day 10

“My thoughts do not mean anything.”

Here we are at day 10 with the most important thought we could ever think — our thoughts do not mean anything.

When you think through the history of how you came to think something, you’ll see that as ACIM says that it is a culmination of things we have gathered from the past. It is not necessarily based on “reality” but our interpretation of reality that we have chosen to claim as truth.

Last night my sister came over for a chat and I could see she was super stressed. As she started talking she described how she has one particular person in her life that is making choices that stress her out. She explained why these choices were bad, what they would lead to and why she had to fix it.

After she stopped talking I asked her “why do you think this is your responsibility? It is her life.”

After she looked at me shocked that I did not agree with her point of view, she began to explain why she felt it was her job to fix this other person’s life. Again we returned to the question “why is this your job?”. She didn’t have an answer.

In her mind she had taught herself to think that any misbehavior of people around her was her responsibility to handle. In her relationship she is responsible for making sure her partner does what she wants, same with her kids, same with this other person, same with her employees….omg I’m stressing myself out just reading this.

What struck me about the conversation was it showed me how far I’ve come.

A few months ago I would have been the same as my sister wondering how to control everyone around me so I got what I wanted, being over-responsible for everyone’s happiness and making myself crazy. Now I know that is an impossible plan.

I remember reading from Byron Katie that in life there are things that are God’s business, my business and their business. The key is to determine which is which.

When we accept that what we think is just something we think and is not fixed and is just the result of our interpretation of our life experiences, we can loosen the ideas and open ourselves to a better way of thinking. Our thoughts (as we think them today) do not mean anything. We can upgrade our level of consciousness if we choose to. We are not stuck. There are no “truths” that we have to cling to.

A thought I love is that thoughts are not necessarily good or bad but better described as helpful / not helpful. My sister losing her mind over this person’s choices? Not helpful. Believing that as an adult this person can make their own choices and deal with the consequences? Helpful. One thought is not better but one creates lightness and the other creates pain.

“My thought about _______ does not mean anything. This idea will help release me from all that I now believe.”

I accept the challenge.


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