OJ is a murderer. Bill Cosby is a rapist. R. Kelly is a pedophile.
Joel Leon.

I enjoyed this article very much but I would like to add one thing.

We live in a society that believes that we are innocent until proven guilty. It is the burden of the prosecution to convince the jury of guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

This is because the incarceration of an innocent person is a much more heinous act than the liberation of a guilty person.

Many say that O.J. was guilty, but the courts found him innocent.

Many proclaim Crosby as guilty already, but he has yet to stand trial. He is a human being and he deserves his day in court.

It’s not a perfect system but it’s better than the alternatives (want to be in court in Syria?).

The real issue with the criminal justice system in the US is that the rich get off Scott free and the poor get punished. It seems to happen at every level of the justice system (Philadelphia traffic court is a great example). This is one place we could focus or energy.

The other real issue is societal. If Cosby is guilty then his close aides almost certainly enabled his behavior. I have heard people criticize the alleged rape victims for not coming forward, but coming forward as a victim is very tough and not doing so doesn’t make you complicit in future crimes.

But the aides, producers (read the story of how the BBC covered up the abuse that Jimmy Saville doled out) and corporations who protect their cash cows by enabling their behavior. They are the real villains here.

And I can promise you they will all get off without a slap on the wrist.

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