In 2016, my goal is to suck a little less…

As the sun sets on 2015, many of us have a few quiet moments where we reflect on the year that passed and project on the year ahead.

I’m not a huge fan of resolutions because, let’s face it, we aren’t going to keep them. But I am going to think about those areas of life where I’d like to suck a little less.

At Home and Family

If I had a penny for every time I’ve been told I’m married to my work then I’d be rich. It’s in my DNA to be focused on work but a little more balance there wouldn’t go amiss.

One of the ways I’ve been trying to do this is by planning home activities further in advance. This allows my to block out my schedule and easily prioritize.

I’m also planning my work travel and schedule a few weeks in advance because I’ve noticed it really helps prioritize my wife and family at home.

One of the best things I did in 2015 was to hire a VA, Brandi via EAHelp. I set her only one primary goal: help me spend more time with my family. I spent too many Sunday’s getting up at 5am to do my travel and expenses before the house wakes, and too many times waiting for payment because I’d made mistakes.

So yes, suck a little less at home.

At Fitness and Waistline

I work for a startup within 15k employee multinational Mindtree, and my little unit has had amazing growth for 2 straight years. Last year I traveled more than anyone else I know, and it’s not glamorous.

I also broke my toe in the middle of the year and wasn’t able to run for several months, and the combination of bad food whilst traveling and a sedentary lifestyle has taken its toll.

So I hope to suck a little less this year, eating fewer hot meals and spending more time pounding the pavement with the soles of my feet.

At Work

One of the interesting things about a startup is that you need just a small amount of structure, and a crapton of focus. As you transition to a mid-sized business unit, you need to retain focus and add structure.

In 2016 we need to focus on how we structure teams, feed and water people, keep hiring fast and put processes in place for commercials, sign-off and delegation of authority.

Whilst it was ok to suck at all those things in 2015, that all needs to get fixed.

At Writing

People that don’t write may not get this, but writing feeds my soul. It organizes my thoughts and allows me to crystallize ideas In 2015 I barely wrote anything

I came across Medium in December and immediately fell in love because it allows me to write, as well as read, on my iPhone. It’s the first time I’ve felt able to create content on the device I spend most time on, and I love it.

In 2016 I really hope to suck a little less at writing. I’m writing this as I walk down the street to get breakfast, so it’s possible.

At Giving Back

There was a time when I did an OK job of giving back. Compared to many people in the world I’ll probably always suck, but I’d settle for sucking a little less.

Given this isn’t at the top of the list I will likely do something I love doing in sales to achieve this: bundling.

For instance, I could do a charity sporting event with my wife, thereby spending more time with her training and lose some weight in the process. Goal bundling FTW.

At Travel

Given how much I travel (I made AA Exec Platinum and only used AA for just over half my travel), I don’t feel like I traveled very well in 2015.

A collection of rookie mistakes meant I didn’t get the benefits I’d expect to get when traveling for pleasure. In 2016 it’s definitely a goal to suck a little less at travel.

At Something Else

I’ve got an itch; I don’t know why I’ve got an itch or how to scratch it, but I do. I’m not even sure at what I want to suck less, but I’m certain there’s an answer out there.

Final Words

Thanks to Dennis Howlett for the phrase “Suck Less”.

What do you want to suck less at in 2016?