The most effective Backup Mac Mail Program

About a year ago I realized I cannot find some old emails that I needed. Later I found out that they were not stored because my computer turned off unexpectedly. I don’t really remember what happened back then, probably a power failure or my internet stop working. Anyway, the thing is I could not restore that email no matter what I did and recently I encountered the same problem. I decided I will find a Mac Mail backup program, so I will never have to deal with such problems again. Mail Backup X emerged as a life saver.

I added the emails from Apple Mail to Mail Backup X, but the program allows all kinds of files to be stored together. It supports much more than Apple Mail; for example Outlook for Mac, Thunderbird or Microsoft Entourage. These are just some of the programs and the most incredible thing is that it also takes care of emails found in web based applications, like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail. The description says that all IMAP platforms are compatible, which means that most clients are supported.

I really like the auto sync option. Even though you can select an update time, I think it’s safer to have every new email backed up right away. This way I also don’t have to make sure my computer is on at a certain time so the update can happen. It’s a great option and it saves me a lot of trouble.

The distributed backup option is really nice too. It’s so much safer to have your data split on several volumes. For example I used a FTP server, USB drive and a DVD to upload my data; on my computer too. This way, no matter what happens, my data is safe. If something happens to any of my volumes I will use the shadow backups to get them back. Those shadow/mirror backups are really amazing. They are basically copies of the backups so in case the backup gets damaged it can be restored. They thought about everything, this is amazing.

With the same Mac Mail backup software I imported emails and kept them with the rest of my messages. What’s most interesting about this feature, however, is that I can also export messages into any format I want. So, if I have old emails from, let’s say, an EML file from Apple Mail, I can add those messages to Outlook by using this program. It’s exactly like a converter and it’s a great feature for a backup tool.

I performed some tests myself to make sure of its quality. I did all kinds of tests. For example I tried to recover emails with attachments that were in a foreign language with lots of diacritics. I used the same emails pack for several applications. Gmail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird; no matter what platform I used, the restoration was lie bringing the original item from the past.

Trust me, I spent a lot of time looking for a reliable backup tool, but I could only come across fake methods or scams. The thing is, such tool did not exist before Mail Backup X. I was a bit skeptic at first, because InventPure is a somewhat of an unknown company, but they made sure I know everything about their software. They are honest and I hope they can help you too.