Experience in boot-camp so far(Day 3)

Small pots boil the fastest while big pots are slower. I’m still getting warmed up! My fingers on my keyboard and fixated gaze on the screen, this has been my routine thus far. Always researching, looking for something new to learn and apply. It’s been an eye-opening know-how but honestly, it has also been mentally demanding.

Now is the time. Coding labs, command line application that consumes a public API using a HTTP client library…what’s that? I just figured it out, and this blog post(what you’re reading). I love the actuality that I’m constantly being pushed out of my comfort zone to accomplish time-specific tasks.

Yes! the satisfactory feeling of accomplishment which only lasts but a moment, nothing compares to it. Just before you can repose, you are at it again, preparing for the next challenge. It never really gets over, even when you think it does. I’m sure that’s one prize to be paid for greatness.

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