My Experience In Boot-camp So Far

It all began with a dream. An aspiration to become a world class developer. Swiftly and steadily it is becoming reality. It was a very selective process through the journey on to boot-camp and it has been very challenging.

My experience here has spanned a wide array of learning. Being world class isn’t just about tapping hard on the keyboard, version control, functions, codes, trackers and all, there are more to values as well. So many times, we hear things like integrity, punctuality, honesty that some people think they’re cliche but we reminded never to take them for granted on the journey to greatness. If there’s one important thing I’ve learnt here besides being exposed to new and exciting technologies, it is holding on to positive values and having a growth mindset.

We are taught to learn new concepts at extreme speeds and implement them as well. Time management cannot be over emphasized. Post of daily stand-ups at the start of the day, daily feedback at the end as well. I’ve been forced out of my comfort zone. I never really knew I could learn and implement all this much in so little time.

I’ve met so many wonderful people with great personalities. They are always willing to help and share knowledge. Team work and collaboration has been a core part of boot-camp. Daily expectations from us campers must be met. Boot-camp has been so exhilarating and wonderful. I looked forward to seeing more of these wonderful people after camp.

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