Head hurts no more

(Picture by Catherine Reymond)

Zac stared at the laptop monitor. He had barely written a few paragraphs today. Some days his writing was real prolific. And some days he was struggling with words and ideas. At such times he often wondered whether it was worth chucking away his management job for full time writing after all. One thing he missed was human interaction. Meeting different people.

Uma was working longer hours nowadays. And at the end of the day, she was often tired and distracted. Since her promotion, she was more pre-occupied with office matters. How he missed those heady early years of marriage! She was insatiable in bed and loved his touch, his fingers.

His reverie was broken by the doorbell. “Who could it be at two in the afternoon?” he wondered. Expecting the courier boy, he sauntered casually to open the door. He was surprised to see Melanie, their new neighbor.

“Mr. Brown, I am so sorry to disturb you. I have a terrible headache. The nearby chemist shop is closed for some strange reason. Do you have a pain killer pill?” Her face was flushed.

Zac cursed himself. Uma always told him to stock up on emergency medications. He always forgot. He had never been sick and did not know what a headache meant. He hated not being able to help somebody out. Saying no to anyone was painful. And to refuse this beautiful creature was just heartbreaking! Zach had exchanged pleasantries with Melanie and her husband John a few times. “You all need anything, knock on my door anytime”, he had gladly offered.

“Sorry Melanie, unfortunately I don’t have any medicines”, he mumbled. “But I can press your head to make it better.”

“Thank you very much Mr. Brown, I will be okay”, Melanie said and started turning back towards her apartment.

“Melanie, believe me I am good at it. It will definitely help your headache,” he persisted.

Melanie paused. Zac appeared to be a good guy and getting a little head massage would not hurt. “Okay”, she said reluctantly.

Picture by Gabriella Fabbri

Zac motioned her to the living room in the center of the room and gently shut the door. “I hope you don’t mind if I use some aromatherapy oil so my hands move freely. Meanwhile, please remove your hair buckle,” he said.

Just as he was leaving to get the bottle, she removed the buckle and her straight silky black hair tumbled open down to her lower back. Zac drew in a sharp breath. Straight long open hair really turned him on. And he would be feeling their softness soon!

He stepped behind her with some fragrant oil on his palm and poured it over her head. He allowed his fingers to spread it into the scalp and down the full length of her hair. He ran his fingers gently tugging the roots of the hair along the margins of the scalp. This maneuver produced an exquisite sensation she had never experienced before. Slowly as his hands worked her scalp, she started feeling lighter.

He then proceeded to rub her neck. “Melanie, your neck muscles are so taut! Are you stressed?”, Zac murmured softly. He gently kneaded the neck region with his fingers.

“Oh, that feels so good”, Melanie moaned.

Zac felt her soft skin becoming warmer under his touch. “The neck and back all influence the head. Can I massage your back?” Zac asked hesitantly. But he already knew the answer.

Melanie had never been touched like this before. John was a passionate lover and sex with him was great. But this gentle stimulation of her neck had her nerve endings on fire! She never knew her neck was so erogenous! “Yes please”, her voice was a whisper.

He slipped his hand down her T-shirt along the midline of her upper back. His hands encountered her brassiere strap. “I will just unhook this”, he stated matter-of-factly. She was past caring. All she knew was this tingling in her back was the most soothing and at the same time arousing sensation of her life.

He proceeded downwards and then started concentrating his soft caressing in the small of her back. This sent pleasure waves running down her loins right into her groins. She started feeling some dampness in her pussy.

“Tell me when you want me to stop”, Zac said, his hands moving all over the back and then gradually inching forward.

“Never”, pleaded Melanie.

Zac was in two minds. He knew the possibilities were endless. But the repercussions did not seem too appealing. So he decided to be a gentleman.

“Melanie, I promised you a massage and so my fingers are at your service”, he announced as he moved forward, exploring her other erogenous zones. He started grazing past her nipples, brushing them ever so lightly. He continued to tease them and tantalize them until they were maximally erect and aching for more pressure. He then moved to her inner thighs, caressing gently and inching closer to her soaking wet and pussy. He then inserted his pinkie finger inside and allowed it to stroke the lateral walls of her vagina. This sent exquisite sensations throughout her body. He then inserted his index and middle fingers one after the other sweeping them upwards towards her hot clit as he withdrew them.

Melanie’s breathing was heavy as she wondered if she could ever get higher stimulation than this. As if reading her mind, he crossed his fingers inside her vagina and whispered, “My fingers are crossed, baby”. This single move triggered off an explosive climax in her as vaginal muscles clamped like a vice around his fingers. She could see all colors of the rainbow flash in front of her eyes. She realized that this is what an orgasm is. This was the real thing!

“Thank you so much Mr. Brown,” Melanie said gratefully, as she turned to leave.

“How’s the headache?” asked Zac

“That’s been replaced by aching of a different kind,” smiled Melanie.

Late in the evening, Uma plonked herself on the living room sofa and exclaimed, “Zac, I had a beast of a day today! I feel drained and I have a splitting headache!”

“I have just the right cure for you, baby”, said Zac with a sly grin.

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