3 Of the Most Common Oven Repairs

Ovens are a favorite kitchen appliance for cooking delicious meals and baking tasty goods. As they are used so often, it’s not uncommon for these appliances to require maintenance. If your oven stops working, hire a professional from the Appliance Doctor. We can come to you in Scarsdale or wherever you are based in Westchester County, NY. Here are the top three problems we fix regularly.
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If you have used your oven for a while, you may notice the light stops working. It could be that the light bulb needs replacing or there could be issues with the wiring. Should this be the case, it should be rectified quickly because problems with the wires can result in a house fire. A trained professional is essential to find out precisely what the cause was. The Appliance Doctor will locate the problem and fix it so that you can get back to cooking. If it is a simple case of the light going out, we can replace it with the right heat resistant light bulb.
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Another common issue with ovens relates to heating issues. One day you could find your appliance has completely stopped heating or it has stopped heating evenly. Should you try and pull your oven apart, you could make the situation worse. You can directly test the temperature with an oven thermometer to see whether your appliance is heating properly. If not, the oven thermostat may need adjusting. Get the Appliance Doctor involved to ensure yours is up and running again in no time. Our technicians will carefully examine the electrical circuits, elements, and other components. They are very thorough to ensure the source of the problem is identified and rectified.
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A typical problem with ovens over time is when the door stops sealing. The seal is designed to retain the heat for even cooking and energy efficiency. However, the heat from the oven along with debris causes the seal to break down. It’s a simple fix, and the old seal just needs replacing with a new seal. If your oven is self-cleaning, you will need to find a technician to put a new seal on. Our expert team provides quality parts along with the expertise to service your appliance.
When your oven isn’t working properly,it’s usually the heating, light or the seal that is the problem. If you have any oven repair questions, you can get in touch with us at the Appliance Doctor. We want to ensure you can use your oven every day and can help with all of your queries. For Westchester County residents, the Appliance Doctor is the number 1 choice for small appliance repairs.

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