Though hype about chatbots is increasing, chatbot failure stories continue to get more visibility as well. From Microsoft to Communist Party of China, we have listed examples showing that no one is immune to suffering from chatbot failures. However, success stories are rare and ambitious designers of conversational interfaces need to study them because for every hundreds of failures, there is only a few success stories.

Here we cover different types of bots. While some bots like, XiaoIce, responds to your commands, other bots like Facebook M listen in to your conversations and offer suggestions. Bots are a relatively new user interface and success is elusive so we wanted to be broad in our scope.

1- Microsoft’s XiaoIce, “Little Ice”

2- Facebook M

3- Meeting organizers:’s Amy & Meekan

4- Article writers: Automated Insight’s Wordsmith & Toutiao’s AI writing robot, “Xiaomingbot

5- Duolingo’s foreign language tutor

6- Legal helpers: DoNotPay&Visabot

7- Mitsuku

8- Swelly


10- Replyyes

11- Insomnobot-3000

12- Poncho

13- Travel buddies: Instalocate&Wayblazer

14- Polly

We just listed the successful bots here. To learn more about specific problems they solve, their key success factors, you can access the full version of article here.

It is difficult to market your bot given intense competition in the space. Every problem has multiple bots trying to solve it! Even only on Facebook, there’s already 30K+ bots. The successful bots really solve a specific problem like scheduling meetings or generating reports.