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The Selenium WebDriver maintainers have been hard at work on a brand-new version: Selenium 4!

Some of the features are already available in alpha mode — which allows us the opportunity to try it out, provide feedback, and even pitch in with development.

Watch this webinar, where Angie Jones explored some of the most promising new capabilities of Selenium 4.

Angie also took for a test-drive some of its new features such as Relative Locators, Chrome Devtools Protocol (CDP), Window Management, and more.

You know Angie — so you know code samples were provided! 🙂

Angie’s Slide Deck

Full Webinar Recording

Additional Selenium 4 Resources

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Manoj Kumar published a teaser on Selenium 4, listing the new features expected and important deprecations across the Selenium Suite( Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, and Grid).

This has already caused a buzz in the industry for not only testers but for the Ops and Dev communities as well. And why wouldn’t it?

Features such as the integration of DevTools APIs with Selenium Webdriver and Observability add a lot of value and expand Selenium’s reach.

Many requests were made by the community, asking for details on each of the features. …

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We all want to catch and fix problems as early as possible. In software development, this mindset helps development teams create a culture of continuous improvement. To automate best practices, like Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), teams are adopting tools that help automate continuous improvement. Google has created a great tool in Google Cloud Build.

By creating Google Cloud Build, Google has created a platform that helps every software developer from every walk of life, on teams of every size. …



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