Congrats to SolutionLoft, and What 50 Promising Penn Startups Can Teach us About how Companies are Born

The Weiss Tech House Innovation Fund’s Dan Cahana took a look at data from the group’s portfolio companies. Here’s what he found.

By: Dan Cahana (Wharton ‘19)

When we relaunched the fund a couple months back, our team gathered data on every company we’ve funded over the past five years, their stories, and where they are today. Using that data, I took a dive into how students from different schools within Penn are working together to found companies, and how Penn’s resources are allowing startups to grow. Our friends at Philly kindly offered to run the article, which can be found here.

One of the trends I discuss in the article is founders from different schools coming together to build amazing businesses. There’s no better example than SolutionLoft. Please join us in congratulating Will Fry on winning the Penn President’s Innovation Prize! Check out the announcement here!

William Fry, SolutionLoft co-founder, was selected as the recipient of the 2017 President’s Innovation Prize.

Dan Cahana is a sophomore at Penn studying finance, entrepreneurship and computer science. When not working with student startups at the Weiss Tech House, he can be found reading, playing tennis or maintaining hope for Eagles playoff berth.

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