What are GCMS notes, and how do you order them?

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What is GMCS?

Global Case Management System(GCMS) is a software system currently used for processing immigration / visa applications by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC).The GCMS notes are the only accurate way of providing a detailed record of an applicant’s file, correspondence from and to IRCC, documents received from the applicant, detailed notes from the officers reviewing the file at each stage, thus providing valuable information on the current status and future processing of your application for Canadian Visa cases such as Express Entry applications, tourist visas, Study and Work permits.

How will GCMS notes help me?

As explained before, the Global Case Management System (GCMS) is Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC’s) single, integrated and worldwide system used internally to process applications for citizenship and immigration services. The GCMS notes are the only accurate way of providing a detailed record of an applicant’s file, including detailed notes on the progress of your application, your case history from the day you have applied for your visa which also includes officers’ analysis, reasoning and notes of your file at each stage. Overall, it provides valuable information on the current status and future processing of your Canadian Visa application.

Is it safe to request GCMS Notes?

Yes, it is 100% safe, legal and a secure way to obtain information. It is stated by law that every GCMS order should be processed unbiased with no restriction and no negative effect on applicant’s situation. It means that any applicant could order GCMS notes as many times as one needs it. In fact, it is the safest and easiest way of tracking of your immigration or visa application status and also help you to prepare for an interview or have necessary documents ready for the upcoming processing stage.

Does ordering GCMS notes delay the file processing?

No, it doesn’t have any negative affect on the processing time of your application. In fact, through GCMS Notes of your visa file, you can take pro-active steps to help speed up your application process such as, submitting additional documents, or misplaced an email sent by CIC for additional steps to be taken.

Which is the best place to oder GCMS notes?

This can be a matter of personal choice, but there are a few things to keep in mind. I would highly recommend ApplyGCMS.com Global Case Management System Online Request. Other services charge you high amount in US dollars, however ApplyGCMS offers services with the best and cheapest price. As the GCMS Notes contain confidential information about the client, ApplyGCMS takes necessary steps on data protection and security .

ApplyGCMS does not charge you in US Dollars. You can either pay in CAD or INR. ApplyGCMS prices are >20% cheaper.

ApplyGCMS uses high level secure connections to transmit customer data. Thus protecting the customer privacy.

https://applyGCMS.com will process the orders on same day they are received.

How long does it take to get GCMS notes?

For requests made under the Access to Information Act, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has 30 days to respond to a formal request for GCMS Notes. However, this period may be extended to an average of 40 days of time if:

  • the request is for a large number of records, or
  • the officers have been overloaded with the number of pending requests.

What is the best time to order GCMS?

It is best to apply for GCMS, notes 2–3 weeks after you submit ITA Documents. And every month after that.

In the next post, check clear instructions about how to order GCMS Notes

How to Order GCMS Notes?

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