The article is a complete step-by-step guide to be used by small business owners for starting an excellent inbound marketing campaign themselves.

With every passing second, it is becoming difficult for a newcomer to stabilize his/her business in the current volatile market. As every business needs a marketing plan catered to fulfilling the demands of its customers and widen its reach, it is critical to make use of best and innovative ideas such that the results of all marketing techniques yield the maximum return on investment. And, if you aren’t online technology savvy, things are going to be hard for you. Having said that, this post will essentially highlight the prospects of Inbound Marketing for small business owners, more specifically for start-ups with no set customer-base.

Back to the Basics

Let’s start with answering this question — What is Inbound Marketing for small business owners? Well, inbound marketing is all about developing and sharing content tailor made to attract readers who are also your potential customers. The strategy is to write awesome content that is user engaging and keeps persuading the readers to come back for more eventually turning them to actual consumers. And, it’s also about providing them useful information, the kind of data they would actually like to read, utilize and save for future reference. This will keep them motivated and send more traffic to your website. To know about what interests your target audience more, you should initiate discussions when readers leave comments under your posts, conduct polls, ask them open questions and socially monitor their activities.

Keeping it simple, Inbound marketing is a tactic that focusses more on earning people’s interest than buying your products. It’s all about helping people know you well and benefit from the free services that you provide and then spread a word about it beyond. It’s a comprehensive learning, researching and buying experience that you give to your audience. This kind of social media based marketing is perfect for both small business owners and start-ups. But, as a business owner some of the things which you might be concerned with are — How to make the best out of Inbound Marketing? What are the different methods involved? Let’s dig deeper into facts.

Best Inbound Marketing Tactics for Small Business Owners

Customized layout

With the introduction of Google mobile-friendly algorithm April 2015, it has become all the more necessary to have a well optimized website that will resize automatically and appear good on all devices. Not everybody has a 6-inch android phone and google amplifying the mobile friendly algorithm so quickly, it is highly recommended to have a mobile-friendly version of your website ready. Also, a clear navigation through webpages as users try to explore it is always appreciated and rewarding.

Create valuable content

Today, social media is not about how you intend to raise your business online. It’s about what value your business can bring to the world. The outlook of content on social media has changed and so should your content. Create informative and helpful content related to your products and services. There shouldn’t be a promotional element in these articles. In fact, the more useful information the users will find, the more they will come back for more thus turning your free services to paid services one day. You can use your website or official social media pages to post content in the form of articles, videos, presentations and images.

Participate in Social Media

Social media in the 21st century turned inbound marketing into a user-company interaction medium. Today, before you step out in the market to purchase something, you make sure to verify the brand, reliability, quality and compare all prices online. As a result, there is an increased level of transparency between the buyer and seller. If you are a company, people will more likely follow you and ask questions on social media platforms. As a brand, you have to be very clear in terms of how to answer their queries, handle negative feedback professionally and think about different ways to let the user interaction go on. Address all questions, comments and reviews. A vigilant monitoring, active participation and expertise in online marketing are secrets to building online reputation for your business.

Local visibility

As a small business owner, your first target audience should be customers located in the same geographical location. Google allows you to list your business in special local listings such as Google Maps, Yellow pages, Yahoo local and other classifieds. Also recommended is to ensure that business is located on Google Places. Here’s a list of all other local listing websites for your business for ease of visibility and reach.


To put it altogether, inbound marketing is a comprehensive yet very effective and economical method of enhancing visibility, user engagement and promoting small businesses online. All you need to have is a well-defined strategy, expert vigilance and an innovative approach to harness all the resources to augment healthy user interaction.

How’s your business adjusting to online marketing? Please feel free to share your strategies towards enhancing visibility and building a brand image.

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