Top 5 Strategies For Building A Successful Mobile App

Make It Free–At First : Freemium model

Users need to experience about 75 percent of an app before they reach that “I’m willing to pay for more” threshold. Marketing a new app as free to explore is a great way to prime your customers and get them excited about accessing advanced functions and options.

Your App Should Solve a Common Problem

Think of your app as an over the counter pain reliever for people searching for instant headache relief. They don’t want to have to take the time to open a package, remove a bottle’s lid, swallow two pills and wait for the pills to work. They demand immediate satisfaction from your app and if they don’t get it–they won’t be using your app again. The most popular apps are all uncomplicated problem solvers: Pandora, the Weather Channel, Google Earth, Calorie Tracker, Yelp, Uber, etc.

Focus on Intuitiveness and Simplicity

More is not always better. If someone can’t figure out how to use your app within 10 seconds of downloading it, they’ll quickly move on to find an app that is easier to “swallow”. Also make sure your app is completely bug and crash-free before launching and marketing it. Less than 15 percent of app users will retry an app that’s buggy.

Promote Your App While You’re Developing It

Don’t wait until your app is ready for the big time before you start marketing your app. All successful apps have been marketed several months prior to their launch to build interest and anticipation. Strategic methods for creating interest in your app include sharing “teaser” videos on social media sites, blogging about the app and offering free demos.

Create an Irresistible Login Screen for Your App

Enticing app login screens should offer clearly designated areas where users can quickly input their name and password. Obscuring login information with ornate fonts, distracting background colors and too many images will turn off users from bothering to login altogether. Great login screens not only increase conversion rates and keep people coming back to the app but will also add to the share-ability of your app.

Your Company’s Survival Depends on Going Mobile

The mobile app industry heavily rewards first movers compared to second movers, mainly because first movers are in a position to capture and dominate gaps in user needs. In addition, mobile technology experts predict the healthcare industry will make giant leaps in mobile technology by implementing apps that enrich patient-doctor relationships while making it easier for patients to manage and access personal health information.

More people than ever are relying solely on a mobile device to interact with the Internet. Consumers are especially “app-happy” today and never hesitate to turn to apps for answers, assistance and validation. Remaining competitive and viable as an authoritative 21st century business means building, marketing and launching a mobile app that caters to a user’s every whim.

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