The Perfect Time for Your On-Demand Food Delivery Venture

Numbers Speak Louder Than Words

The on-demand food delivery market has seen a tremendous growth in the past few years. The global market for food delivery has crossed 83 billion euros which translates to four percent of food sold through restaurants. The yearly growth is promising at an estimated 3.5 per cent for the next decade, thanks to the mass acceptance of the efficient and convenient model of on-demand food delivery apps. According to a 2016 study, more than half the adult population of Britain which racks up to a whopping 28.6 million individuals had food ordered to their doorsteps at least once in a span of six months. 19% of the total population had a door delivery completed every week. These figures stand witness to the astronomical growth rate of the on-demand food delivery industry and highlight the benefits of starting an on-demand food delivery app in the current scenario.

Why So Popular

The obvious reasons for the mind-boggling growth of the on-demand food delivery industry may be attributed to the benefits that the customers enjoy. The convenience of browsing through a variety of options, being able to access real customer reviews, and having multiple orders delivered at the doorstep with speed are some of the reasons why the users swear by these apps. The benefits are not limited to customers only, but also to restaurants which now do not need to spend fortunes on advertising and marketing. They are not only able to cater to regular local clients but also newcomers to the locality as they are now easily searchable through apps. The ratings and reviews they gather on the app are the advertisements of today and they put all their efforts in enhancing their service to rate high among the users. The system also offers efficient recruitment to the delivery team which in turn puts their efforts into faster delivery. The admin earns a commission for every successful delivery, making it a beneficial circle of operation.

Your Venture-in-a-Box

This is the best time for you to get in on the action with your own on-demand food delivery venture with our UberEats clone script. We are the best in the market for food delivery app development among other similar services. With us, you get a ready-to-use app white-labeled with your brand so that you can instantly promote it as your own. Our UberEats clone comes with an open source code which is highly customisable and scalable. Order it in any language, currency and colour scheme and have the option to upgrade it whenever you wish. We give you complete control over your business with a powerful and dynamic admin dashboard. Features like God’s eye view, work history and live geo-tracking lets you oversee and analyse your business and also help you make future business plans. We will get you apps approved and uploaded to native iOS and Android Play stores and you will never have to worry about license renewals. View our live demo to experience the app and order you own UberEats-like app for your business today.

Feature-Rich Product in a Budget

We offer an unbeatable package at an economic price of 1999 USD which includes features that our competitors charge for. Some of these features are:

Live tracking — Your users will be able to track their delivery and view it in real-time on the map till it reaches their delivery location.

Create a profile — Users and restaurants can create a detailed profile and maintain it for future references.

History — Users and providers can access the ‘History’ option to view order history. Users can also repeat orders they have placed before.

Review system — A rating and review system allows customers to post and access reviews to assist in making choices.

In-app communication — In-app chat and call allow the users and providers/delivery team to contact each other for better coordination and hassle-free service.

Cancellation — Users can cancel an order in case they have a change of mind. Cancellation charges may apply in case of cancellation beyond a certain time bracket.

Our Ubereats clone is the best package brimming with features yet within a budget. You are a call away from owning an Ubereats like on-demand food delivery app. Order it today and secure a spot for yourself in the shining future on the on-demand food delivery industry.

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