The Deal (part 1)

I was so overwhelmed when i received that business proposal. Mathew had called me early that morning, and asked me to meet him at the «Art cafe» in the evening . He told me «girl we need to talk this thing out. I have a great offer for you, meet me tonight at the art cafe , at 8:00pm . Don’t be late ! Bye»

First of all I was feeling so sleepy at the time, and thought I was dreaming . But then I woke up, and realised he sent me a text too. «Hey girl, I’m sure you were asleep when I called you. Ok, get it straight , it wasn’t a dream, we’re supposed to meet this evening at the Art cafe. Have a nice day bunny !

Ps:8:00pm make sure you’re not late this time! «

I smiled, got out of bed and went straight to the bath room. My boyfriend had left the bathroom all messy. Damn! I’m tired of him being so lazy man. I ain’t nobody’s mama yet. But still I had to clean up someone else’s mess EVERY-SINGLE-DAY! I really really needed to get an apartment for myself , I couldn’t take it no more.

Plus Vincent had become really irritating these days . Yeah , Vincent it’s my boyfriend’s name . He was so lovely when we first met and before I moved in with him. But now, I just don’t get it. He’s become so mean and so full of himself. Despicable, that’s the word I was looking for.

So after I was done cleaning, i took a shower , did my morning routine and left for work . It wasn’t a full time job, so I could go anytime. I was a consultant for «home by design» and had a rendezvous at 11:am. Home by design was a specialised firm in interior decoration. That’s how I met Vincent . He came to consult our chief decorator Mimi , who was absent that day and was directed to my office . Long story short, we ended up where we were at the moment.

I was impatient to meet Mathew . What was this business proposal he had for me? I was about to call him to know more when Mimi got into my office .

-Hello Keysha

-Morning Ma’am

-I need you to come with me to this new client’s place . I need your help to get some things straight .

-okay , straight up!

I got up of my desk and followed her to her car.

Before we reached the house she told me it was a business man who was coming back to settle in his hometown, and wanted a typical African decoration. Okay, that was my part, I was a consultant for afro-decos. Mimi attended a party which was decorated by me and she just loved it. She really liked the African touch of it. So here I am now. She told me he was to open a restaurant in town , and if he was satisfied with the job, we would get the contract for the restaurant too. I couldn’t wait to get started. I had 20 percent of every gains we made . So it was a pretty good deal.

Still felt anxious about Mathew’s early call. He new how much money I got . His proposal should be a very profitable one I guess . But how profitable was it?

After we were done with the tour of the house I had a very good idea on how to decorate the place . Just had to put in on a paper . Mimi drove me back to the office and I got started . Then I decided to hook up Mathew and get a hint .

-hello bunny

-hello handsome , so what Is it all about ? You know i hate being held in suspense

-well you have to wait sugar , I Can’t give you details until tonight , just make it on time . I got to leave you now. Bye

Grrr! I hated suspense so much.

I left work at 5pm and got home To get ready . I took another shower, put a red tight gown , heels on and I was out by 7:30. I arrived at the Art cafe by 7:45. I was really early today . That’s new . Mathew came over , always looking good. «Gorgeous,» he said while kissing my hand .. he sat face to me and held my hands . Looked me in the eyes and said

-»Ok now bunny, you and I have been friends for a while now, and I got this proposal I want to make . Bunny you know how much i will love to do politics . I even intend running for president someday . But it’s a bad place to gay people . Now my uncle is proposing me to have a sit at the parliament , and be elected senator . I am thirty years old only, you know how big this is for me. Not everyone gets in there just like that. Marry me and I will give you the world . «

I was stunned. Didn’t I. just listen to my best friend ever asking me to marry him? «Wait, what?» ,Said I . «What it is it that you don’t get bunny? I’m talking business here , and I want to share it with you . You know how many girls would want this . But I chose you. Please think about it. You will be free to do what you want. It just has to be hidden well enough . «

Upon all heavenly earth I could not have seen this coming.