Embracing Defensive Driving as a Motorcyclist

Zero Fatalities reported that of Utah’s 256 vehicle fatalities in 2014, 45 were motorcycle-related. From the tip of Logan, Utah, down to warmer St. George, any motorcycle accident can be deadly and require the help of a lawyer. Like all drivers on the roads, bikers who “ride to live” face the daily risk of getting involved in an automotive accident.

“Per vehicle mile traveled in 2013, motorcyclist fatalities occurred 26 times more frequently than passenger car occupant fatalities,” the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported. The NHTSA also found that motorcyclists were nearly five times more likely to be injured on the roads. Here are some quick tips to ensure all of Utah’s commuters stay safe on the roads.

Never Assume

Although driving on an open highway seems free of visual obstructions, drivers should never assume that motorcyclists are always visible. Furthermore, bikers should never trust that they’re visible to other drivers while traveling to St. George or elsewhere. To keep yourself out of the office of an accident lawyer, always keep eyes on the road and check blind spots to avoid a fatal motorcycle accident.

Always Double Check

RideToLive.org reports that drivers frequently turn in front of motorcyclists because drivers either don’t see the motorcycle or misjudge its distance and speed. Always take an extra second to fully scan intersections for potential bikers. When driving, come to complete stops and look carefully before proceeding. Err on the side of caution.

Riding Courses

Any future or current biker could avoid a devastating motorcycle accident and a call to an injury lawyer by completing the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s rider skills course. These trainings prepare and educate motorcyclists on different techniques and skills to ensure their safety while riding. With classes accessible to motorists from St. George to the East Coast, this live-saving advice is well worth the cost.

Source: Embracing Defensive Driving as a Motorcyclist