Franchise — Security Sector booming

According to the ADS industry facts and figures 2016, the UK is the sixth largest exporter of security equipment in the world, so if we consider the security sector, this includes such components as major event security for perimeter and venue protection, guarding and crowd modelling; border security for search equipment and screening, explosive and chemical detection; offender management regarding safe and secure facilities, secure fencing, CCTV and access control; national infrastructure for command and control and biometrics and screening; cyber security concerning identity, authentication and analysis; policing and counter terrorism for secure communications, bomb disposal and forensics. ADS (the UK’s Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space) industries make a significant and valuable contribution to economic prosperity and national security, by way of major contribution to UK jobs, skills, exports and growth. The ADS industry facts and figures 2016 states that the security sector has a £9billion turnover and 76k direct employees. So with 65 per cent growth since 2010 a security franchise and security franchise opportunities certainly could be the place to be.

Whether you are searching for a home security franchise or a security system franchise, franchise security is a growth industry and security company franchise opportunities are becoming more available as demand for safety and security increases. The two different areas of franchise security revolve around a home security franchise relating to security installations like a security franchise installing CCTV. The other form of security franchise opportunities would relate to security services providing security guards and officers for banks, shops, hospitals or airports and suchlike. If you are searching for the best franchise to buy a franchise security business could be in the running if you have experience in the industry or not. If you have management or administration skills and the drive and motivation to succeed then a home security franchise or security system franchise could be for you.

What type of person buys a franchise?

A franchisor is looking for a business minded individual with the energy and determination to run a successful business, so security company franchise opportunities do not necessarily need to be run by a former security officer. Either way the franchisor has a comprehensive training manual and tried and tested business model to replicate and follow in the footsteps of their existing franchisees. Without a doubt the best franchise to buy is going to be one that you have a passion or affinity with or previous experience and background knowledge in. Take the time to research all the options and choose a franchise that fits comfortably within your budget. Prepare your business plan so not only the bank manager but the franchisor knows you are ready to take this meeting to the next level.

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