skill-set versus investment

The retail industry is the UKs largest private sector employer, employing nearly 3 million people. So whether you are looking for a clothes franchise store, fashion or beauty franchise shop or sandwich shop franchises there is a franchise shop to suit all skillsets and budgets. Let’s look at sandwich franchises for example, the big sandwich shop franchises could have a low initial franchise fee or approximately £15,000 but it is going to cost around £100,000 to start your business with at least 30 per cent from you ad 50–70 per cent from the bank.

According to if we look at the largest sandwich franchises in the UK and Ireland, Subway says “you are in business for yourself, not by yourself. The first Subway store was opened in 1965 by Fred De Luca and Dr Peter Buck. It was the first of 44,000 store locations in more than 110 countries. Today, in the UK and Ireland alone, there are more than 2,300 locations. The first of this chain opened in the UK in 1996”. The franchise cost allows the franchisee help with store location and décor, training, marketing, ongoing support, and great, well known products and brand.

Variations of opportunity

Other food outlets like a fresh salad franchise restaurant could cost from £80,000 to £150,000 once the store is fitted out and up and running. The big burger restaurants can be anything from £150,000 to £400,000 with usually 25 per cent up front and the rest can be by bank loan. Choosing healthy sandwich franchises is big business now as more and more people are short on time and want healthy options and often prefer to run into the more well-known sandwich shop franchises or quick service restaurants to grab their lunch.

Dog food and other pet food and services are big business too, looking at a franchise store whether it is an online home delivery service starting from around £10,000 or franchise shop location; it is possible to find a retail franchise business that would suit any interests or background. There are snack box delivery opportunities or mobile coffee franchise opportunities. Not to mention of course big café and coffee shop style quick service restaurant and sandwich franchises. There are sandwich shop franchises selling baps or baguettes and sandwich franchises on wheels, and don’t forget the all-important pizza franchise store and delivery services. Have you considered retail franchises in Coventry or retail franchises in Lincoln?

Don’t only consider a franchise shop front with a high street or shopping centre location but look at online franchise store opportunities too as many people prefer to browse items online and are happy to wait for them to be conveniently delivered to their home. Take a moment now to enter your details on the form above and use the free service from Approved Franchises to help with your search for the right franchise business for you. Here you will find a range of pre-approved UK based franchise companies to compare all in one place. Quotes are completely free and there is no obligation to buy. Receive expert advice to help you find the franchise that is best suited to your requirements.