Starting a business to provide solutions to another business sounds like a pretty good idea. Every business cannot excel in every field and does not necessarily want to take on the role of other areas that can be managed much more effectively by an expert in their field. Hence the appearance of successful b2b franchise opportunities in their hundreds. It is not just the big boys on the scene with their mac trucks and huge deliveries and logistics from here to eternity. There are b2b low cost franchises to suit any business budget; it just depends on the skills available to fill a gap in the market place.

Options to meet most peoples needs

The best b2b part-time franchises and b2b home-based franchises do not necessarily have to be an accountant or tax agent or payroll officer with their abacus doing sums in the home office. There is plenty opportunity for anybody with the get up and go, know how, experience and even a small entry level investment fee to start a b2b franchise. How many workers no matter in which industry have called around desperately to find replacement staff? Well that is an industry in itself now. A b2b recruitment franchises could cost around 20k entry level and the franchisor will have all the systems in place to get straight down to business. Same goes with the franchisor having all the back of house systems up and running with a commercial cleaning business hiring staff and co-ordinating jobs and teams of staff to be sent to certain locations for 10k entry fee.

Looking at the top 10 b2b franchises and examples of successful b2b businesses has to include telecommunications companies. As well as providing all of their ongoing telecommunication needs and customer service to their clients these companies provide a huge variety of IT and support services. Logistics companies can sit in between the wholesalers and the retailers and any combination of internet sales and the b2b by delivering parcels to stay at home parents. Goods may have been ordered from a major internet company so they are actually delivering b2c customer parcels bought on line but actually are delivering from the online company that has made the initial sale. So this type of business is dealing with the b2b and the b2c.

Growing business

As the need increases for b2b businesses to service the growing business within the UK in every type of industry, so the b2b franchise opportunities become ever more adventurous and lucrative. The b2b business opportunities are endless from courier franchises, or providing cost effective and reliable communication packages, to accounting or legal advice, to sending the cleaning team in at the end of the day. There is a b2b franchise to cover every skill set.

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