Qualities of Great Mobile Apps Developers

App development is a specialized field that requires knowledge, experience, creativity and a never-ending appetite to learn. Great mobile app developers alone can build smooth, bug-free, feature rich and beautiful applications. It goes without saying big tech companies are only interested in the best talents, the superstars in the world of coding. Let’s know the 5 most essential mobile app developer skills that top companies look for while hiring:

Creative Mind

There are millions of applications already in the app stores. An app developer should have a creative mind to be able to think differently and come up with a brand new idea every time. Developing a great app to exploit a profitable niche requires a creative thought process. Creativity is an essential quality to be a great apps developer.

Knowledge of modern programming languages

In depth knowledge of more than one programming language is another important quality of an excellent app developer. To meet the development requirements of various projects, an app developer should exhibit sound knowledge of various platforms. Knowledge of languages is the main tool of any developer and only a dependable developer can show competence in this front and come up with applications with ease.

Computer Science Degree or equivalent

A degree arms a professional with basic knowledge and is definitely helpful in directing a developer in the path to progress. A degree or equivalent in software development provides a good foundation to imbibe knowledge through experience which can be implemented in developing feature rich and error-free apps.

Understanding of latest tools and technologies

A good app developer should know the various tools and technologies that go in the making of apps. They should keep in touch with the latest developments in the world of mobile applications and arm themselves with more knowledge to create applications that meet the expectations of the client.


Experience enables a developer to play with their knowledge the way they want. App development being a dynamic field is ever changing and only an experienced professional knows how to implement their knowledge in the desired manner. A developer with a rich portfolio of successfully developed apps that demonstrate their hold on their specialized niche can be identified as a developer that an organization would want to depend upon.