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Jun 21, 2019 · 3 min read

Hello coders,

As mentioned in the title, the domain goes open-source and the service will promote admin dashboards submitted by developers. The service is a simple GatsbyJS blog, with an optimized structure for SEO.

The motivation

If you are a freelancer or a small startup, and you have in your portfolio an admin dashboard product, trying to promote it and sell it, can be challenging without a serious budget. The first page in Google for the keyword “admin dashboards” is full of well-positioned companies like ColorLib, WrapBootstrap, and other companies at the same level.

Update is Launched on ProductHunt

Why using the service

The Admin-Dashboards service will promote ONLY admin dashboards submitted by developers and small companies. If you are already listed in the first two pages in Google, your submission will be rejected. The whole service use structure highly optimized for SEO. Let me explain why:

  • Is blazing fast because is a static application, generated by GatsbyJS. The app scores more 95 on Lighthouse for each page.
  • The associated Github repository use the same keyword in the URL:
  • The domain contains the keyword “admin-dashboards” — 5.4k mo/search on Google.
  • Dashboard categories are high ranked keywords related to the admin dashboards: react-dashboard (2,9k mo/searches), vue-dashboard (1k mo/searches), flask-dashboard (0,6k mo/searches). The Category names are selected after comparing the Google search volumes for different combinations, and the winners were selected.
Image for post
Image for post — Lighthouse Speed

Each dashboard product will be listed twice in the service:

As an item in the dashboard category

As a page, in the root of the domain, with an optimized URL built from three segments: <category>-<product name>-<publisher>

A real-life sample, (already published on Admin-Dashboards)

Flask Dashboard Argon — is a product designed by Creative-Tim and coded as a full-stack application. This product is published as an item under the category flask-dashboard and the page is listed in the root of the domain:

Image for post
Image for post
Flask Dashboard Argon — Category Screenshot on
Image for post
Image for post
Flask Dashboard Argon — Page Screenshot on

How it works

To get listed on Admin-Dashboards domain, your dashboard should be committed in the content/posts directory as a markdown file. In case you’re not familiar with markdown syntax, take a look at this sample, already published for Argon Dashboard. The steps are:

If all goes well, your admin dashboard will be merged in the Github repository and published on Later, based on the views, the most proficient admin dashboards will be promoted in two ways:

  • mentioned in the homepage of Admin-Dashboards domain
  • get a repository under admin-dashboards master account on Github. For instance, if your admin dashboard is published on Admin-Dashboards under URL ‘react-dashboard-adminlte’ the associated Github repository will be: github/admin-dashboards/react-dashboard-adminlte. Using this mirrored URL, helps Google to understand better what we are doing.


Ask me anything on Dev or Twitter. Cheers!

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