Android Watch App Development: Things to Look Out For

Were you fascinated by the wearable devices disclosed at the CES 2015, or you missed the same? Whatever the inventions were disclosed, the core conclusion led to the point of Wearable Computing Devices being the next trend setters of gadget technology and mobile usability. With Android watch already making headlines, it can be a great opportunity for millions to get an app developed that is compatible for this robust wearable device.

With Google announcing its SDK for Android wearables, developers across the globe are keen to begin working on it and develop apps to support experiences on these watches. Since, apps on the phone already have an on-ramp to the watch, it paves way for Android apps that are an extension of your wearable devices truly an extension of your Android phone in your pocket. Extending the apps to Android wearables allows you to reach your users whenever and wherever they would like to interact with you.

However, integrating an app with the user’s watch might not appear tedious to you. In fact, with the appearance of Android Wear, all apps can now utilize the power of functionality offered by wearable devices. Fortunately, Android Wear integration is available in several different flavors and can vary from no additional work to a completely separate app.

So, before indulging in Android Watch app development, it is important to bear few essentials in mind. First thing that needs to be taken care of is that apps cannot be downloaded on a wearable device as it isn’t similar to a phone. The apps for wearables should be time, activity and location conscious and should be able to launch it automatically. Next thing to be taken care of is the readability of notifications on the devices for which the text should be kept to bare minimum. Android watch functions as a personal assistant as you wear it on your hand. Such experiences can be provided only when developers remain considerate about using the Suggest and Demand models. Finally, the apps should be designed with screen size of the wearable device in mind allowing easy interaction with the users.

With the aforementioned points in mind, create appropriate apps for your wearable device wouldn’t be that difficult.