Progressive Web Apps Could Be the Future of Mobile

Technology has always been dynamic, mobile app developers striving for betterment. Thus, it comes as no surprise that there is a new contender in town — Progressive Web Apps.

Here’s a sneak peek for you to know what the fuss is all about:

Best of both of both the worlds

Combine everything that is good about native apps — such as the push notifications, a smooth app experience, and no clunky gestures — with a web browser.

The vast ecosystem of the web hosted over HTTPS (to ensure security) constructed on the app shell model to gives the perfect blend and native app experience but without the restrictions.

A major advantage of having a URL is the PWA can be found through search engines — something native apps lack — and show up an option to add on the device’s home screen — something websites lack.


The progressive in PWA’s is not just there for fun.

With each consistent use, the user experience becomes better and better, thanks to its ability to adapt to whatever the features are available on the device. You don’t have to be slave to the latest technology or buy the latest mobile phone to get the benefits of webapp.

Another very important feature is these are all encompassing and not just limited to a specific platform, unlike apps.

Offline connectivity

This is an issue website builders have been struggling with perhaps, for far too long.

However, the dreaded “server not found” may be a thing of past. Service workers operate with cache APIs meaning you can access stored content during little or no connectivity thus making webapps highly efficient and independent of connectivity.

If nothing, the service worker will direct users to the app shell display and inform them or give a page to interact with till they are offline.

The benefits are for both businesses and consumers to reap. Webapps take care of multi platform app development hassle and permissions making them more economical. The no downloading factor reduces friction and makes users less hesitant because there’s less commitment required.

Check out these statistics to blow away your mind!

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