Mobile Apps — Time to jump on the bandwagon?

Mobile Application Development Company

With the penetration of Mobile Internet Users increasing by the day, it has become vital for any company or organization to cater to this potential target audience. As per a recent survey, about 40% of internet traffic is now through Mobile devices. 23% of users browse the Internet only via a mobile device. This is quite a staggering figure. This percentage also points out quite clearly that why every company should have Mobile Users as a part of their strategy.

That said, it is also important to understand if it is really necessary to jump on the Mobile Apps bandwagon. So, let us look at some of the key factors that may affect your decision :

  • A mobile app can be the best branding for your company. Once a user downloads your mobile app, they will constantly see your brand logo on their screen. This helps you to build a good brand recall.
  • You can use the mobile app as a means to communicate with your customers or clients, either as an overall audience or individuals using Push Notification services. This can prove very useful if you wish to keep them updated about the happenings of your company or to promote your products and services. You can also intimate them about new offers or festive discounts.
  • Your mobile app can also have interactive applications or games, depending on your domain, to engage your users.
  • You can have additional functionality like GPS, address book, internal chat, etc. for your users if it makes business sense to you.
  • You can provide data that can be downloaded and used in an offline mode as well like your product brochures or service catalogs. You users can then browse through them at their convenient time.
  • Another benefit of having a mobile app if you sell products is that the user does not get a chance to compare your products with another competitor as that would mean they have to go out of your app and open another app or browser.

If you feel that the factors listed above build a case for you to have a Mobile App developed for your company or organization, you must move on to the next step of identifying a reliable Mobile Application Development Company. AppsOnRoll Tech studio is a Mobile Application Development Company with an experienced team who have delivered Mobile Apps for clients from varying domains successfully. You could visit the website to know more about the services we provide and also checkout the work we have done.