Significant Tools for Cross- Platform Development

Are you thinking to use a mobile application? If yes, a common question that must be coming in your mind is that does your mobile application will support multiple platforms? It is because developing native applications will miss you out to connect with millions of other users on another platform. And this is the most beneficial point of cross-platform development. Cross platform development saves a lot of time, facilitates code reusability, easy development, excellent market reach, lessened the cost of investment and much more.

As long as mobile app development companies are growing, it is very essential to find out right tools to deploy applications across multiple platforms. So here is a list of top five tools to build hybrid mobile applications.

1. Xamarin

Xamarin is one of the excellent cross-platform development frameworks for developing mobile applications. It came into existence to simplify the life Microsoft fans. It is a great tool because it brings .NET/C# to both Android and iOS. It is surprising that it is completely.NET but supports the platforms Android and iOS! Recently, Xamarin 6 has been released which has brought more new excellent features and increased the productivity of the mobile app development companies. The new Xamarin 6 lets you develop apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac apps using a single shared c# codebase.

Therefore, with the rise in technology this excellent tool is seeking more and more attention every day.

2. PhoneGap

PhoneGap is one of the most popular tool for building cross-platform mobile apps. It is owned and open sourced by Adobe. PhoneGap, which was previously called by Apache Cordova, is a simple tool where developers can easily translate from HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. It supports several platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Firefox, Blackberry, Ubuntu Touch, Bada, Symbian, and Tizen.

PhoneGap offers a perfect cloud solution that builds your apps directly. Not only this, but it also allows you to share your app among your team for better views and endorse scope for improvements.

3. Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is another powerful HTML 5 mobile app framework. It helps the mobile app developers to build hybrid apps similar to that of native applications. It is considered best for complex web applications. With its HTML5 approach, it is seen as highly flexible and compatible across various devices. It also supports animations, touch events and has a high learning curve.

4. Corona

Corona SDK tool is considered right for those who are building free gaming apps on multiple platforms. It helps to create 2D games and mobile applications with real-time testing and built-in monetization. It helps the developers to build 10 times faster applications. Corona is also well supported by the community with comprehensive API and requires less code to execute any functionality.

5. Ionic

Last but not the least, Ionic is an open source SDK for HTML 5 mobile app development framework for developing hybrid mobile applications. Iconic allow users to create their mobile application and proceed further by customization on Android or iOS. The tool is also planted with many default CSS and JavaScript component. This increases the compatibility of Ionic with AngularJS and helps you get better code structure which is quite convenient.


There are plenty of tools available in the market. Here are the most efficient tools for cross-platform is mentioned. If you’re looking for mobile app development, choose the right tool that suits your app requirement and proceed further.

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