4 Crucial Tips for Improving Your Apps to Top Rank in App Store

It is definitely significant to optimize app when you submit an app to various application stores, such as Google Play, App Store, or Windows Marketplace. The title of the application determines the web page’s title tag and URL, and affects the keywords related to application. Highlight the title of your brand, you should according to the user’s search habits to make product title and keywords. It should easy for user to understand and arouse their interest to download your apps. According to AppStoreASO, there are four aspects for improving your top chart rank in app store:

Put Relevant Keywords in Title
Before having an app title, you should consider the common words that the app user search in app store. Having a keyword in your title can improve your app’s search ranking for that keyword by an average of 10.3%. As a best practice, you want to place your most relevant keyword, regardless of the keyword difficulty in the title. As the part of app store optimization, title is the most important one.

Find the Right Keywords with Search Tool
Constantly tracking your own keywords and the movement of your competitors takes time and effort. In order to have the time to focus on your app and not solely on ASO, use a service such as AppStoreASO to track your search rankings, analyze your keywords, choose better keywords, and get updates about your competitors. AppStoreASO is a global professional platform for App Store Data Analysis, it provides official Apple App Store Top Charts data, top ASO optimization analysis and data query tool among industry.

Total of Downloads
The number of the downloads are important to ASO. Now that our gut feelings have been proven with data, what can you do to get more downloads for your app? Improving your ASO is a great place to start. Beyond that, it is about marketing your brand and app to improve recognition, awareness, and appeal, from app store description to images, ratings/feedbacks, and social media presence. For a great place to start, check out these three inbound marketing strategies for mobile apps.

Get High Ratings and Positive Feedbacks
As we all know, apps with higher ratings also ranked higher. This raises a tricky dilemma: you want more ratings and feedbacks but not if they are negative. So, you need a way to connect with your customers inside your app, giving them a place to vent and talk directly to the developer. On the flip side, you should guide customers to leave positive feedback in your app.

Title and keywords are the most important part to improve apps to top rank. You can use the professional platform for App Store Data Analysis such as AppStoreASO. AppStoreASO is useful tool can analyze the keywords and trending research. It can help you grasp the mobile market popular tendency to optimize your apps to top rank in app store. AppStoreASO is the most authoritative app outreach program and comprehensive ASO technical experience and data report to make your app unparalleled from now.