How Can You Create A Package for Software Distribution?

After you have created a particular source directory using a deployment process, you can easily create a SCCM software package for installation. Such a package contains all the files as well as instructions that the users can use to distribute the software apart from advertising the package to various users present all over the world. This process of deployment creates the instructions and files but it must be configured to use all these files. SCCM 2012 software distribution is very easy to install.

Steps for creating the package

Below are the exact steps that you must follow accurately for creating the software installation package:-

• Click the start menu, go to programs, click on the icon Microsoft system center, click on the configuration manager 2007 icon and then on configuration manager console.

• In the window of the configuration manager console you will have to expand the software distribution.

• Right click on the packages, after that distribute and then click on the software.

• In the software wizard of the distribution, you will have to click next.

• Visit the dialog box of the package; select the icon that says create a new package and program that contains a definition file. Click next after that.

• In the dialog box of the source files, you must make the selections for wherever the SSCM retrieves the files and also how it can manage them. Select the icon that says always obtain the files from a source directory. Click next and proceed to further steps.

• In the dialog box of the source directory, specify the exact location of the source directory. Click next and then proceed.

• Go to the dialog box of the distribution points and select all the distribution points. This is the exact location from which all the software packages will be deployed exactly to all the target computers. Click next and proceed.

• Also in the dialog box of the program identification, you must enter the name of the program. This is the exact name that can display the add and remove programs in the control panel. Apart from this, in the field of the command line, you must enter the command that is required.

• You must also select when the user must be logged on and whether a user is logged on or not.

• Select the drop down list and specify whether any action is required or not. Also specify all the programs that have been restored successfully. Click next and proceed to the other very important steps.

• In the dialog box of the advertisement, you must select yes to advertise all the programs to the users.

• The last step that must essentially be complied with is to verify the advertisement box or the advertisement information. Use all the back buttons in order to make the required changes. In order to finish click next and complete the process successfully. This is the process of SCCM 2012 software distribution. Follow the above mentioned steps to enjoy a successful completion of this distribution process.